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Brain Health

Keep Your Brain Fit

16th Apr 2016

Our brain needs regular exercise, just like we need to use our muscles to keep them flexible and toned. If we allow it to stagnate, it will lose its perkiness, effectiveness, memory, concentration, and more. It will be like a battery which is losing its charge [...]


Listen To Your Body's Messages

29th Mar 2016

Charlie wasn't listening to any messages from his body. He'd had a hip replacement, which was a tremendous success. Two years later his lower back started paining. He had trouble sitting, and difficulty getting out of a chair, but it didn't hurt when he walked. He feared the worst [...]

Feng Shui Power

Feng Shui is Powerful Energy Healing

3rd Mar 2016

I'm thinking about one of my clients who kept breaking his legs, arms, wrist and more. His wife moved out, believing there was a ghost around. There were certainly a few things wrong with the energy in their house, and one of the culprits was such a simple thing [...]

Speaking Out

Speaking Out

1st Dec 2015

With all the media outlets, newspapers, phones, tablets and more, it's easy to share opinions and ideas. Great when we can write or type them, because this gives us time to think about what we want to put across, and how best to present it. Speaking out, however, takes courage for many people [...]

Snack Attack

Snack Attack

10th Jul 2015

The snack is often meal-sized, poor-quality junk food, occurring several times a day. That's not snacking. It's over-indulging in sub-standard stuff, and the result? Indigestion, weight gain, over-taxed liver, sleep problems (diet affects sleep quality) [...] 

Coffee, Chill, Chat

Coffee, Chill, Chat

4th Jul 2015

We don't do enough of this. We all seem to have gone wild in the world - rushing, meeting deadlines, working long hours, multi-tasking, desk-top eating, watching the clock... Oh for that holiday!  The holiday will help, but it's not the solution [...] 


Antidepressants Can Cause Insomnia & Weight Gain

30th Jun 2015

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you're suffering anxiety or depression and don’t know how to sort yourself out. You probably struggle on for a while, but eventually end up at the doctor's and leave with antidepressant medication. An antidepressant allows better absorption by the brain of the feel-good hormone serotonin [...] 


What Goes Around Comes Around

23rd Jun 2015

Joe is always angry, with everything, with life, and with his partner Evie. Although he’s very amusing company and his volatile emotions enhance his stories and jokes, he’s big-time angry, deep-down. It shows on his face, in his words and in his behaviour. Clearly he feels that life is unfair to him [...]

Those Awful Side Effects

Those Awful Side Effects

13th Jun 2015

Thousands of people refuse statins for cholesterol-lowering, even though these people are high risk for heart attack and stroke, said a journal recently. The reasons? The side effects! which include severe muscular pain, Diabetes 2, headaches, indigestion [...]  


Take More Responsibility For Your Health

29th May 2015

Dee has multiple sclerosis. Her specialist told her not to spend time in the sun, as it's bad for MS. Then the specialist went on holiday. The replacement specialist told Dee to spend lots of time in the sun because it's good for MS. Who was Dee going to believe? [...] 

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables In Season

19th Jan 2015

It's worth re-thinking those discounted packets of died-last-week herbs and brown-tinged, wilting salads, plus poly-wrapped veg. We may be grateful for ready-wrapped stuff when in a hurry, but after a couple of weeks of indulging in it [...]

Feeling Less Hopeless

Feeling Less Hopeless & Helpless

1st Nov 2014

When people used to visit their doctor years ago, they were almost bundled out of the room, with the prescription written before they had time to finish what they were saying. Later, when doctors started using computers, there was little eye contact [...]

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