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Declutter Your Website

Declutter Your Website

12th Feb 2017

We all want to drive visitors to our website, but is the website appealing enough for them to stay around and explore? Is our content interesting or engaging enough, or is there just too much of it, or too much waffle? If you’re lacking visitors, or they visit but don’t convert, and bounce rates are high, it could be time for a website declutter. Think about the website like your home. You clean up for your visitors ... 

Saturated Fat Dilemma

The Saturated Fat Dilemma

6th Feb 2017

How often do we take nutrition advice from the media, only to find that their good food of the moment becomes a bad food later on, and vice versa? A study of saturated fat, done over fifty years ago, determined that it leads to high cholesterol and the risk of heart attack, even though investigations pointed to flawed results [...] 

Change Your Diet, Boost Your Health

Change Your Diet, Boost Your Health

24th Jan 2017

Most of us know when our diet is not right, by our poor gut performance, low energy, stress levels, and the condition of our skin. A poor diet stresses the body and forces it into a balancing act which leaves it functioning in a limited capacity. But with the right diet you can improve your health and looks, boost your immune system [...]

Multi-Tasking Tension

Multi-Tasking Tension

16th Nov 2016

Why do one thing at a time when we can do two or three, like eating, texting and shopping at the same time? We can be super-efficient, get through everything before time runs out, and achieve more. We may get a sense of accomplishment, but it may come at a price, which can be our health and our relationships. Multi-tasking is attention-switching, which means flitting between tasks, but we risk [...] 


Simply Mindfulness

2nd Nov 2016

Mindfulness seems to be in fashion right now, and like anything in fashion, everyone wants to have a go, to see what it's like or just in case they get left behind, or they appear not to know what's going on these days. As with any 'new' activity, it often gets presented as a bit of a challenge, something to be worked at, or strived for. Mindfulness is not something to be achieved. It is simply a way of being [...] 

Would it have happened anyway

Would It Have Happened Anyway?

8th Jul 2016

This is what I sometimes hear after I have carried out Feng Shui on somebody's home and positive things start happening. They wonder if these things would have happened anyway, without the Feng Shui.  There's no doubt about it. When you shift subtle energy, changes take place [...] 

Blue Light Health Risks

Blue Light Health Risks

6th Jul 2016

Light at night prevents good quality sleep and over time can be harmful to health. Over-exposure to blue light from electronics and energy-efficient light bulbs is said to be worse. It interferes with our circadian rhythm (our biological clock), tricking the body into thinking that it's still daytime [...]

Laughter Improves Health

Laughter Improves Health

22nd Jun 2016

Who feels like laughing when overloaded with the cares and concerns of daily life? Yet it is during challenging times that a dose of laughter can uplift the spirits, strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and lower stress levels. It also tones up body organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach, exercises the muscles [...]

Feng Shui for Happy Children

Feng Shui for Happy Children

21st Jun 2016

Good feng shui in the bedroom can make a huge difference to a child's behaviour and unique development. One of my clients had a child who was terrified at night and didn't seem to like being in her bedroom. During my consultation, I suggested that my client remove [...]  

Night worries

Chakra Calm For Night-Time Worries

17th May 2016

Many people wake in the middle of night, worrying, especially when going through challenging times. It's always worse around 3-4am when blood sugar levels are low. When it happens to me, I lie there going through my chakras [...]

Creating Success

Creating Success

11th May 2016

Research shows that we have about 45,000 thoughts each day and most of them are negative. That's quite a bad fix that we give ourselves each day. Most of our thoughts are sub-conscious, meaning that they happen without our awareness. Affirming can help to replace negative thoughts with positive ones [...] 


Easy Steps To Prevent Indigestion

23rd Apr 2016

Indigestion is a common problem that occasionally happens to most people. It is discomfort or pain in the stomach after a meal, and feeling bloated or uncomfortably full. For some people it feels like a rock sitting in their stomach. A few simple changes in eating habits often cures indigestion, and there is nothing better than a calm digestive system to feel right with the world [...] 

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