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Sleep Well with Feng Shui

Sleep Well With Feng Shui

18th Oct 2019

Good feng shui in the bedroom is essential. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it needs to be peaceful, calming, relaxing, balanced and free from objects that emit harmful vibes. We often take our work, problems, and electronic devices to bed with us. Lovely to feel the comfort of our bed while working and sorting out problems. But, we're keeping our minds active when they should be winding down, and we're absorbing harmful blue light ...

Afternoon Catnaps

Afternoon Catnaps

7th Oct 2019

Feeling sleepy in the afternoon

Is that afternoon shut-eye a sign of time-wasting, laziness and getting old? There's a stigma attached to it, but why? During a recent meeting of friends, ages 30 to 70, most of us admitted to an afternoon nap whenever we could. There was a sigh of relief as everyone realised they were not the only one afternoon-zizzing and that it was quite acceptable to do it [...]

Soothing SAD Symptoms

Soothing SAD Symptoms

27th Sep 2019

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression related to season changes, especially when winter looms up, which is why it's often called the 'winter blues'. SAD can also kick in when there are grey skies, lack of sunlight, cold weather, it's dark indoors during the day, and even when you are expecting a warm, sunny summer and end up with a cold, grey, rainy one instead. SAD symptoms can be low energy, moodiness, deep sadness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and signs of depression. Why is this? [...]

Stress-creating stimulants

Stress-Creating Stimulants

2nd Sep 2019

When you're stressed, do you head for alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and refined carbs like pastries?  They can create an immediate high, because they shoot a fix of sugar into your blood stream, giving you a sense of happiness and comfort - but they are followed by an energy and mood slump later on which can make you want more. They are mostly non-foods. They don't nourish your body, and over-dosing on them creates havoc with your blood sugar [...] 

Calm digestive system and more energy

A Calm Digestive System & More Energy

6th Aug 2019

Eat slowly and chew well! Make time to eat. Rushed eating means poor chewing. It interferes with the digestive process, and can cause erratic blood sugar and energy slumps. Don't overdo liquids with your meal. Small sips aids digestion by helping to break down the food. Sit and relax while eating. Digestion is governed by the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which ensures that after the 'fight or flight' response (being on the go), the body enters 'rest and digest' mode [...] 

First Easy Step In Clutter Clearing

First Easy Step In Clutter Clearing

21st Oct 2018

Clutter can weigh you down and stop you from moving forward. Everything has an energy field around it, and the energy around clutter is like gluey cobwebs that stick to you as you pass nearby. Clutter can make you feel lethargic and dispiritied, and overwhelmed at the thought of ever being able to do anything about it. A huge clear-out of items no longer wanted, needed or liked, is the first step...


Use Your Five Senses To Improve Your Sleep

7th Jun 2018

Sleep is our sanctuary from the challenges and activities of the day. Sleep is addictive for some of us. We love it and can't wait to get to bed. Others regard it as losing precious time when there's lots to do, and find that they can’t wait to get out of bed. But many of us dread it, as we anticipate yet another sleepless night. 

Dealing with Stress

Dealing With Stress

17th Feb 2018

People don't like admitting they feel stressed. They often think it's a sign of weakness, but it's not. Step 1 in dealing with stress is not to compare yourself with others. Everybody is different and others may be trying to cope with a different type of stress that you are not aware of. An exciting challenge to one person may be incredibly stressful for you, or vice versa. Whatever your stress, take steps to deal with it, because it can eventually lead to illness, mentally, physically, emotionally and behaviourally... 

Nature's Anti-Depressant

Why We Need To Be Outdoors

14th Jan 2018

My early working life in London involved travelling in stuffy trains, and walking along roads full of buildings and hardly a tree or flower in sight. Then I would spend the day with artificial light, central heating or air-conditioning, and double-glazed windows that didn’t open for health and safety reasons. Good for safety, but health? I was suffocating, feeling ill and low-spirited, and in desperate need of nature's air ions...

The Ageing Minefield, LinkedIn

The Ageing Minefield

27th Nov 2017

Many people expect to decline as a normal part of getting old. They believe that ageing is out of their control and they have to give in to illness, body aches, failing memory and slowing down. The Collins 21st Century Edition dictionary defines 'ageing' in two ways. One is growing old. The other is becoming older. Just a simple difference in words can make an enormous difference to our feelings about 'ageing'. We don't mind becoming older, but the thought of growing old can be disturbing [...]

Use Food For Healing

Use Food To Heal Yourself

8th Nov 2017

What we do on a daily basis defines our health and wellbeing. Something we do every day is eat, and many of us don't give much thought to it. Food is more than just a filler to stop us feeling hungry. It's an important and effective source of healing. The nutrients in our food issue instructions on how to function, to every one of the trillions of cells that make up our body [...]

Two Keys to Self-Esteem

Two Keys To Self-Esteem

7th Oct 2017

Self-esteem is vital to your emotional health and wellbeing. With strong self-esteem, you will be able to meet any challenge in life, and many problems will disappear along the way. People are often confused about what self-esteem means. Is it to do with the way we look, how popular we are with other people, whether we're the right shape or size? It's none of these. Self-esteem is [...]

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