A Calm Digestive System & More Energy

6th Aug 2019
Calm digestive system and more energy

Eat slowly and chew well!

Make time to eat. Rushed eating means poor chewing. It interferes with the digestive process, and can cause erratic blood sugar levels and energy slumps.

Don't overdo liquids with your meal. Small sips can aid digestion by helping to break down the food.

Sit and relax while eating. Digestion is governed by the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which ensures that after the 'fight or flight' response (being on the go), the body enters 'rest and digest' mode. You're more likely to chew well during 'rest and digest' . Eating while standing, moving or working interferes with messages from the brain to the stomach that it's full. So you risk over-eating as well as indigestion.

Take smaller mouthfuls. They are easier to chew, you will eat less, and enjoy the taste more.

Don't hold food or cutlery while eating. This will help you to slow down and concentrate on chewing, allowing the body's hunger-blocking mechanism to kick in. It takes time for the stomach to register that it no longer feels hungry. This can help with weight stability too.

Give it a go and see how you feel!

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