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Crystals can boost your wellbeing, soothe your mood and calm the emotions

They can also help restore balance in your body, mind, and emotions. The power of crystals lies in their perfectly balanced inner structure and ability to work with your consciousness and intention, creating a powerful healing tool to bring balance and harmony to your life.

Experience the benefits of crystal energy, which can help release dis-ease, whether physical, emotional, or mental, by facilitating the free flow of energy throughout your body. With crystal energy, you can uplift your emotions, find comfort and relief, and cope better with life's challenges. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your wellbeing and transform your life with the help of crystals.

Qualification: Certificate in Crystal Healing. Accredited with IPHM 

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"I can never thank you enough for this course.  I am so happy to feel so good again. The course helped me overcome depression. It also helped me to use my crystals that I have at home. I use each crystal for different situations, for example I had really low self-esteem and using the crystal gave me the opportunity to love myself. My daughter is happier, as she can see how positive I am. My partner has completely changed with me and gives me consideration and more respect. It is routine now using my crystals, and having them around the house has changed a lot of things. Thank you so much." M.B. London, UK

"Thank you for your help on this wonderful course. I found it most intriguing and the recommended reads very difficult to put down! I am so happy to have a use for my beautiful crystals and feel that my life will be much richer as a result." J.W. Hinckley, UK

Course Content:

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  • back to nature
  • crystals in history
  • the mineral kingdom
  • holistic healing
  • energy
  • the aura and chakras
  • vibrational healing

  • using crystals
  • how to develop intuition
  • working with your crystals:
  • choosing, cleansing, energising, dedicating, bonding
  • caring for your crystals
  • creating a quiet space in your life

  • the healing power of coloured crystals
  • characteristics of the chakras
  • chakra balancing with crystals
  • chakra associations chart

  • clear quartz crystal
  • programming crystals
  • making a crystal essence
  • treating yourself with crystals
  • placing crystals, wearing crystals
  • treating pets and plants
  • meditation with crystals

  • your crystal collection
  • using a pendulum
  • crystal divination
  • crystals for home and office
  • crystals and their qualities

Ways To Pay

  • Total Price: £176.00
  • Instalment Option: £80 | then 2 x £48 during the course.
  • An instalment of £48 to be paid when you submit homework for Questions 2 & 3. We will send a reminder and a payment link.
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