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About Come Alive

When you have low energy, bad-diet days, or just feel awful, we help you perk up, and feel more positive about yourself and your life. 
We have helped hundreds globally towards:

Anxiety and stress relief .  Positive thinking .  Self-esteem . More energy . Fresh perspective . Stronger immune system . Balanced mind, body and emotions . Strong sense of wellbeing . Healthy and supportive surroundings . Becoming a qualified coach/practitioner

"If anyone has the tools to help fix life's ups and downs, it's YOU!"  M.M. South Africa  

School of Natural Health & WellBeing

Accredited with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and Member of the UK Register of Learning Providers.

18 years ago Brenda launched online self-care and practitioner training courses. These give people skills and knowledge to adopt a preventive rather than reactive approach to health and wellbeing.  They are designed to boost morale, motivation and energy, strengthen the immune system, improve overall wellbeing and help cope with physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Feng Shui Way

Registered with the Feng Shui Society, and International Feng Shui Guild.

For 23 years Brenda has provided feng shui evaluations. 

The aim is to create healthy, balanced, energised and supportive surroundings that positively impact a person's inner energy system and creates balance and wellbeing in home, body and life.

Brenda Martin

Holistic Stress Management, Nutrition, Counselling, Anatomy & Physiology, Feng Shui, Reiki.

Member of International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, Royal Society for Public Health, Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, Feng Shui Society, International Feng Shui Guild.  

My interest in mind/body health started in my twenties with nutrition, as a result of my digestive issues which caused anxiety and depression. In my forties, I had excruciating back pain for ten years. Realising the impact that the mental state has on health, I decided to further my studies in the profound connection of the mind and body. My personal life proved this when I became the primary carer for my mother with Alzheimer's Disease. The situation put a tremendous strain on my mental and physical health and family life.


Over several years I trained and qualified in holistic stress management, nutrition, digestive and gut health, counselling and feng shui, motivated by the positive changes I noted in my own life with my digestive health, mind/body balance, and the energy of my home and office space. I cured my issues that doctors couldn't, cleared my bodily system and surroundings of negative energy, and re-gained optimism, wellbeing, and a quality of life with more peace of mind and heart.

I reach out to anybody who needs help with challenging situations, anxiety, worry, low self-esteem and emotional issues. I have been there. Allow me to help you. 

  • Holistic Stress Management provides emotional uplift, fresh perspective, more energy, and a healthier diet and lifestyle. The aim is relief from stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, low self-esteem and confidence, negative thinking, fear and worry.
  • Naturopathic Nutrition guides in informed choices of balanced, nutritious food for physical, mental and emotional health, energy, diet-related diseases, digestive wellness and overall wellbeing.
  • Events, Editorials: I hosted my own Come Alive stands at wellbeing shows such as the London Om Yoga and Stress Relief Yoga Retreat in Portugal. I also delivered editorials for journals and health websites, including Monocle, Corporate Headlines, Oxford Times Education, Gibraltar News, Algarve Resident, Feng Shui Society journal, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and a feng shui interview on BBC Radio Oxford. 

UKRLP MemberRSPH Brenda Martin IPHM | Come Alive School of Natural Health & Well-BeingFNTP MemberFS ConsBrenda Martin. International Feng Shui Guild