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This course helps you feel you can achieve anything when you have self-esteem and anticipate a positive outcome.

You'll learn practical and constructive skills to change your mindset and perception, enabling you to discard old patterns of thinking and reacting. You'll change your attitude from negative to positive, reduce stress, re-gain control over your life, boost your wellbeing and achieve a healthy lifestyle. As you go along, you'll learn how to feel good about yourself, get on well with others and face challenges confidently. You'll like who you are, respect yourself, and believe in yourself. You'll know how to say 'No' and 'Yes' appropriately, and deal positively with difficult people and situations.  

Certificate in Positive Thinking (optional).
Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).


"This course saved my job. HR saw such a big improvement in me that they put a copy of my certificate in my file and told me to move to another position within the same company with their support. I had a ball with this course because the positivity is so powerful that it does not let you down. Brenda was an amazing teacher. Her feedback was so sincere that I put my trust into her capable hands. She saved my job and made another human being so happy." C.N. Ontario, Canada

"I have learned important life skills also something I can apply to other people who feel negative like I did. It also helps my future career as a psychologist. The course included practical tasks to follow and used day-to-day examples which made it even more interesting and enjoyable."  O.M. Powys, UK

"This has been an interesting course, and has given me some new information and reinforced my knowledge from life experiences and previous trainings." A.M. Sittingbourne, UK

"This course is helping me to reflect on aspects of my life that need positive change!"  S.T. Arezzo, Italy

"I found the course very informative, enjoyable and useful. I learnt a lot on how to better my life, and would like to go on and teach others how to get a positive attitude to life." P.S. Wigan, UK

"Thanks for an enjoyable and worthwhile course." P.G. Accrington, UK

Course Content:

Click on the tabs below to view the course content and module breakdown.

  • Positive thinking vs. negative thinking
  • How energy transfers between people
  • Freedom to think what we want
  • Our mind affects our body
  • Negative Thinking = Stress = Ill Health
  • How stress affects a person

  • The process of change
  • Preparing to change your thinking
  • How to identify your negative thinking
  • How to change from negative to positive

  • Making positive thinking work for you
  • How negative self-talk starts
  • Pressing 'Cancel' on old negative messages
  • Reprogramming your thinking

  • How the mind can sabotage positive change
  • Affirmations
  • Breathe positively
  • Relax positively

  • Let go of the old and open up to the new
  • Prepare positively for future scenarios
  • Forgiving
  • Metta meditation
  • A healthy lifestyle keeps you positive
  • Top tips for positive thinking

Ways To Pay

  • Total Price: £176.00
  • Instalment Option: £80 | then 2 x £48 during the course.
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