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Feng Shui Way

"Feng Shui aims to achieve balance, harmony and wellbeing
for you, your home and your life."
Brenda Martin FSSA
Feng Shui Society Accredited


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HOME: Balance and re-energise your home, to create harmony, more energy, wellbeing, and peace of mind and heart.

WORKPLACE: Create a harmonious and supportive environment, for clear thinking, less stress, good relationships, and success.

My consultation is geared towards:
  • Helping you feel at ease in your space
  • Having energy and wellbeing
  • Feeling control over your life
  • Things going right for you

My focus is on:
  • Your needs, challenges and goals
  • Your health and wellbeing
  • Predecessor energy
  • Areas of clutter and stuck energy
  • Releasing energy blockages
  • Healthy, positive energy throughout
I won’t be doing the following:
  • Making your home a show-house
  • Suggesting costly structural changes
  • Recommending lots of purchases
  • Suggesting changes you dislike
My Consultation
  • Discussions by email or phone
  • Preparation & analysis
  • Written reports, plans, photos
  • 3 months’ follow-up
  • My Feng Shui Guide & Tips
  • Discussion of your issues and goals
  • Compass reading and energy analysis
  • Interpretation of your birth data
  • Charting your strong and weak directions
  • Analysis of your environment
  • Analysis of your property inside and outside
  • Tips on plants, colours, paintings, mirrors
  • Tips to calm tension, boost energy and wellbeing
  • Clutter clearing guidance
  • Advice on reducing electro-stress

Contact me to discuss a consultation

"I had a wonderful consultation with Brenda. She was warm and friendly and really took the time to listen to the issues we had with our house and what we were hoping to achieve through Feng Shui. She made lots of suggestions which we are really excited about putting into practice over the next few weeks. We both already feel calmer, knowing we are doing our best through Brenda’s recommendations, to improve the energy in our home. Thank you!" A.K. Weston-on-the-Green, UK

"I have a new job! An opportunity came out of nowhere! It has taken me into a managerial position with great opportunities to progress further." I.S Birmingham, UK

"Thanks for all your input Brenda. Your consultation has been great value for money! Within days of starting to clear my office I had four new offers of work!  Even better is that the increased workload has felt remarkably unstressful, though the work hasn’t stopped flowing in! The decluttering has had a great feel-good factor too – and your follow-up support has been excellent." P.G. Oxford, UK

I was concerned that I would need to make major changes, but you always suggested a way around any problem to overcome it, which was great. I’m feeling much happier and more positive than I have in a long time. I'm sleeping much better which helps a good deal. Feng shui was a good investment for me – you can’t put a price on things going well in your life. C.J. Reading, GB

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