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Accredited Online Courses

Courses for self-care, to help others, for CPD, to add to your existing therapy, or to run a workshop or practice.
Self-paced courses, designed to give you a sense of wellbeing, boost your energy, and strengthen your immune system.
Courses done by email exchange with your own personal tutor for guidance and support.


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Professional Training Courses

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Chakra Healing Practitioner
Chakra Healing Coach
Crystals & Energy Therapy
Crystals & Energy Therapy
Emotional Wellness Coach
Emotional Wellness Coach
Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner
Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner
Wellness & Self-Care Coach
Wellness & Self-Care Coach

Wellness & Self-Care Courses

Aura & Chakra Healing
Aura & Chakra Healing
Colour Healing
Colour Healing
Emotional Healing
Emotional Healing
Feng Shui Foundations
Feng Shui Foundations
Meditation & Mindfulness
Meditation & Mindfulness
Nutrition for Life
Nutrition for Life
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Self-care & Healthy Living
Self-Care & Healthy Living


International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine accredits Brenda Martin and the School of Natural Health & WellBeing as training providers. Graduates of our practitioner courses can join IPHM as a professional practitioner. IPHM provides the public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals. They uphold and maintain high standards of qualification and practice, worldwide.


The courses offer:


  • Specialist guidance. Support in improving your overall wellbeing, developing CPD, or launching a new career. 

  • Knowledge and Skills. Tools for healthy living, personal development, digestive wellness, stress and anxiety relief, positive lifestyle, perspective re-focus. 

  • Target a problem area. Help to focus, understand where the problem is coming from, then deal with it: cope, reduce, relieve, eliminate or change perspective. 

  • Health, energy, vitality, motivation and more improve as you energise your inner resources and confidence to engage with change. 

  • Achieve goals. Help to find a new path, expand your existing skills or venture into a new area, and explore the subtle energy around you to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life.

  • High-quality courses. Practical, constructive, enjoyable, information-rich. You practise and gain experience as you go along.

Course Procedure

  • Study at your own pace: Start when you're ready. Take your time.

  • Enrolment: After payment we email your Welcome Pack. 

  • Welcome pack: Guidelines, Reading List, Modules 1 & 2, Questions 1.

  • Modules: Study Module 1, then send in your answer paper. With your returned work you receive another module. You always have a module in hand to study.

  • Reading list: Good for self-directed learning. Research the Internet and publications, but do consider the reliability of the sources of what you read.

  • Interaction with your tutor: Ask questions, share personal experiences if you wish. You will receive specialist guidance.

  • Return of work: Within two days, unless notified in advance of a delay. You will receive extra modules to cover any delay.

  • Diploma/Certificate: Optional final exam and certificate £35, final exam and diploma £55. Practitioner final exam and diploma £75, Feng Shui Professional Practitioner final exam and diploma £120.

  • Timescale: If no communication from a student for 12 months, we cancel their course and archive their records. An admin fee of £25 for reinstating.

  • Cancellations: You may cancel your course within 7 days of enrolment. £25 deducted from the refund for credit card fees and administration. Refunds given 14 days from the date of cancellation.


Students come from all over the world, different backgrounds and cultures, and include retired folk, doctors, lawyers, health workers, interior designers, artists, teachers, therapists, military and corporate personnel, and more. Many do several courses, as they find them enjoyable and life-changing.

"I had an amazing time with this course. I learnt so much about nutrition and taking care of my body, which improved my life drastically. I think more people should take this course instead of going on those crash diets. The part I loved most was the interpretation of colours in vegetables and fruits. I learnt good and bad eating habits, how to read labels and stay away from trans-fats. My tutor Brenda is amazing. Extremely patient, dedicated to her job, cares about her students and gives very good feedback." C.M. Ontario, Canada 

"A complete life change! I have had problems since childhood, and my life was miserable. I re-gained my confidence, my intelligence, my real me and I was surprised what a wonderful person I am. I got my life back, the life I deserve and have been longing for. God bless you for this opportunity."  S.B. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

My Students do wonderful things with the knowledge and experience gained in my courses:

Clutter Clearing

Denise Frakes from Washington, USA - Clutter Clearing Coach
Denise now does Clutter Clearing coaching and workshops.  
"I really enjoyed your course on clutter clearing. I now teach clutter clearing classes and will continue helping folks lighten up!"

Colour Healing

Maie El-Raghy from Giza, Egypt - Colour & Light Therapist, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist
"I am using colour meditation, visualization and  lights to heal clients from psychological and physical problems such as fear, depression, low self esteem, sadness, anger, anxiety, stomach pains, migraine and PMS. Being a psychologist and hypnotherapist, with colour I can help my clients in many different ways."  


Sharon Lockhart from Bathurst, Australia - Remedial Massage Therapist & TFH Kinesiologist
"I’ve really enjoyed studying with you and have gained so much. Meditation is changing the way I work with my clients. I am a remedial massage therapist in a very busy clinic. Many clients present with anxiety or depression. I now hold weekly relaxation/meditation gatherings at our clinic. The response is fantastic and the changes in the attendants are significant. Feedback from colleagues about their clients who come to the sessions report that clients' muscles feel softer and the treatments are more effective. Clients feel less anxious and report life in general to be better. I also find that when I do grounding meditation and harnessing of healing energy before work I stay very focused on my clients and give a more effective treatment. The feedback is interesting. Clients ask me what I’m doing differently because they can feel a real difference."   

John Phillips from Woking, England - Spiritual Healer (Spiritualists' National Union)
"Your course inspired me greatly and had a very positive effect on me and on my spiritual healing sessions with patients. It has also been a catalyst for being involved in reorganising a meditation group and at the numerous Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary retreats in Burrows Lea, Shere, Surrey, where I practise healing. My proposed meditation programme at the world-famous sanctuary will incorporate many aspects and techniques learnt on this course and it is hoped that their extensive grounds will also be used for ‘themed’ outside meditation, ie. Bluebells in May, Summer Solstice in June etc. Plans are also being discussed with Trustees updating our Meditation Glade within the grounds."

"The course was outstandingly pleasurable. I cannot think of any course in this format that I have enjoyed more. Brenda was wonderful. I felt in tune with her immediately and I was so happy with the way she regularly reviewed my efforts and added informative notes.  She is very skilled in communication and her encouragement throughout this course really boosted my confidence.  I felt I had met a friend who listened, cared and responded. I will remain grateful to you for this grand opportunity, and unique and progressive experience."  Dr.T.X. California, USA

"This was my first course and it was more than I expected. It was so enjoyable. I learnt how to overcome challenges in life and turn them into positive opportunities."  M.A London, UK  

"Brenda was a wonderful tutor. As I went through the modules, she was always available to answer any questions I had. Some questions were not related to the coursework and she still took the time to help me. Thank you Brenda." M.B. Madrid, Spain

"Brenda is extremely patient and dedicated to her job. She cares about her students and gives very good feedback. I was deeply touched when, after four weeks of not submitting work, she sent me a nice email asking if everything was ok. This is my third course with her and not the last one, because she wants us to succeed, apply the concepts learnt and improve our quality of life. She saved my job with the Positive Thinking course." C.N. Ontario, Canada

"A positive, useful course. I thought we already ate pretty healthily, but it's amazing what else can be done. This course opened my eyes to many nutrition issues and to developing a more enquiring attitude to what we eat and drink." S.E. Czech Republic 

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