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Guidance in decision-making, clearer thinking and peace of mind.

The I Ching (Book of Changes) is an oracle of timeless wise guidance, as relevant today as it was 3000 years ago. It contains the whole of human experience and the laws of life, to  which everybody can attune themselves to achieve peace of mind and heart.

It can help with personal development, insight, understanding of your situation, wisdom and solutions, at any time or in any situation. It can be invaluable when you are at a crossroads in life, empowering you towards changes for the better.

This course covers the origins of the I Ching, its concepts, and everything you need to understand the symbols, interpret the hexagrams, obtain guidance, and read the I Ching for other people. Personal one-on-one help and support from your tutor.

Diploma in I Ching (optional).
Accredited by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine 

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"This is really a fascinating course.  I am glad I decided to do it, as it keeps me focused and hopefully going in the right direction."  J.W. Dorset, UK

"I enjoyed the course very much. I feel that I have learnt a skill that can benefit me both personally and professionally and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to good use." G.R. Eastleigh, UK 

"The I Ching course was very helpful. I will know more about how successful I am after I have done more client readings, but so far I am very happy."  E.B. Robertsbridge, UK

Course Content:

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  • Origins and history of the I Ching
  • Life-force energy
  • The Tao
  • Yin and Yang
  • Left and right brain function
  • The unconscious mind

  • How the i ching can help you
  • How to approach the i ching
  • How to consult the i ching
  • The 8 trigrams
  • The 64 hexagrams
  • Reading the i ching for other people
  • Methods of consulting the i ching: yarrow sticks, coins

  • Understanding the hexagrams
  • Interpreting the hexagrams and moving lines
  • The meanings of the hexagrams
  • How to formulate your question
  • Hexagrams 1 - 10

  • Developing intuition and confidence in reading hexagrams
  • Hexagrams  11 - 28

  • Important points of an I Ching reading: change, hidden forces, possibilities
  • Asking the I Ching to comment on a situation
  • Hexagrams  29 - 46

  • The phenomenon of transference
  • The aura and chakras
  • Chakra balancing
  • Hexagrams  47 - 64
  • Book of changes (I Ching) and making a change
  • How to become your own expert

Ways To Pay

  • Total Price: £196.00
  • Instalment Option: £82 | then 3 x £38 during the course.
  • An instalment of £38 to be paid when you submit homework for Questions 2, 3, 4. We will send a reminder and a payment link.
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