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Your Feng Shui Consultant

I am a Feng Shui Consultant and Trainer, accredited with the Feng Shui Society and International Feng Shui Guild. I have 23 years' experience providing healthy, balanced and energised surroundings in homes and businesses for wellbeing and success. 

Years ago I lived in a house with a ghost and endless disturbances. We lost most of our possessions to fires, flooding, lightning strikes, mould, damp, bees, ants, wasps and more. Completely traumatised, we moved to another property, so peaceful, that I couldn’t believe our awful experiences, and wondered if that house was the problem. I started to investigate subtle energies.

My research led me to Feng Shui, how energy flows through a space and how it affects people. I discovered that balanced, free-flowing energy can have positive life-changing effects. Same with negative energy and traumatic effects. That house was under attack by countless negative energies.

Although a nightmare experience, it was a positive life-changer for me. I became passionate about feng shui and subtle energy flow. I trained and qualified with Grand Master Raymond Lo, world-leading expert in feng shui. 

As most of my feng shui clients had stress issues, I qualified in Stress Management, Nutrition and Holistic Health. I founded the School of Natural Health & Wellbeing to help people make positive changes in their lifestyle. I adapt my expertise to give my clients an overall feng shui wellbeing experience, focusing on their individual needs.

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you, it felt like we’d known you for years. Your warmth and calmness certainly helped us understand what needed to be done. We have been excitedly rearranging – it feels good." RS. Birmingham, UK

"Thank you Brenda for being the person you are and an excellent Feng Shui consultant. All your recommendations are clear and your website is comprehensive and beautifully presented. All aspects of the process gave me confidence that this was the right path for me. I now have motivation to do what is needed. Two areas of concern for me, finances and relationships, have improved, and I have learnt that the most important relationship is the one with myself. Wishing you peace and abundance." G.R. Birmingham UK

"I found Brenda’s advice really helpful. Everyone who visits says what wonderful energy the house has, how calm and relaxed they feel. She is open and flexible, not at all dogmatic and will find good compromises where necessary. I recommended her to a friend who was equally pleased with her advice." V.B. Algarve, Portugal