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Boredom Is Good For Your Brain

Boredom Is Good For Your Brain

7th Jul 2021

Boredom breeds creativity, new ideas, and solutions to problems. 
Do you ever get good ideas while doing something boring like washing dishes, standing in a queue, sitting in a waiting room, or doing nothing in particular? Some of the most creative, innovative ideas were born from boredom. 


How to Feel Less Trapped

25th May 2021

Being forced to stay indoors, work online, and suffer lack of social contact caused many people anxiety and mental ill-health, and their self-esteem and confidence took a dive. Now that we are slowly getting our freedom back, some of us feel anxious about being with others again.

Gut-Mood Link

Your Gut-Mood Link

11th May 2021

You have two brains, both with a vital role in the well-being of your mind and body. The brain in your head deals with thinking, processing, and directing your nervous system to make your body function. Your second brain is in your digestive system, containing elements of your nervous system, mood chemicals, and billions of friendly microbes that keep you healthy.

How to feel happier

How To Feel Happier

13th Apr 2021

You need to fire up your neurons. When you feel happy, with a sense of well-being, it's the result, physiologically, biologically and chemically, of an intricate, complex network of neurons (nerve cells) in your brain firing messages to one another.  Your brain has four chemicals that create happy feelings. They are endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

Start Your Day Feeling In Control Of Your Life

Start Your Day Feeling In Control Of Your Life

11th Nov 2020

Are you glued to the news, waiting to hear what else is going to impact your life?  Between juggling work, trying to make ends meet, feeling you are going crazy, and working out how to keep yourself and others safe, there's something important you need to focus on - YOU. If you don't, you'll never feel in control. 

Why you need Vitamin D right now

Why You Need Vitamin D Right Now

3rd Oct 2020

Studies show that 90% of your vitamin D is produced in your skin in response to sunlight, and 10% of it is obtained from your food. So you could be deficient if you don't get much sunlight, you don't eat foods containing enough vitamin D, and you spend a lot of time indoors. Here are some signs of vitamin D deficiency...

How To Stop Procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating

1st Sep 2020

Do you sigh when you think about that 'thing' you need to do, then turn away and do something else instead? 
We all do this at times. We may not be ready for it, or we fear we can't handle it, we dread it, it's boring , it's overwhelming, or many other reasons. Usually it's not something pleasurable, or we'd be jumping right in there dealing with it. 

Scalp Massage

Ease Your Tension, Massage Your Scalp

27th Jul 2020

Doing your own scalp massage is wonderful for soothing, and for boosting the production of serotonin, the body's natural feel-good hormone. And it's easy to do while sitting reading, watching the television or doing nothing at all. When we're uptight, we tend to tense the shoulders, neck, head and facial muscles. This can cause headaches. 

Easing Worry

Easing Worry

8th May 2020

These are worrying times. We aren't in control of our lives because of this Covid-19 virus, and we're trying to deal with hardships and losses. But we must find a way through our mental and emotional load, otherwise we'll find it even more challenging when things get back to whatever the new normal will be. 

Covid-19 Anxiety

Coping With Covid-19 Anxiety

29th Mar 2020

This virus situation is causing many of us anxiety and panic, especially feeling out of control when facing uncertainty, and worse for people who already suffer anxiety. But take heart. Here are some ways to help you cope, feel calmer and less stressed, and boost your physical, mental and emotional resilience, so your immune system stays strong.

Breathing Boosts Your Well-Being

Good Breathing Boosts Your Wellbeing

11th Mar 2020

Good breathing is essential for whole health, physically, mentally and emotionally. So how can you get some good breathing going? Come and learn how. Breathing in gives you oxygen which feeds and energises your body. Breathing out removes harmful toxins from your bodily system. When you're worried, stressed, or rushing around, your breathing isn't good...

Process of Change

How To Make Changes In Your Life

12th Nov 2019

Do you sometimes get stuck in a rut, get the urge to change, have a go, make some progress, then flop back into the same old routine or rut? There are reasons you do this, and, take heart, there are ways to stop doing it. There is a structure to changing, and understanding the structure, then giving it a go, can really help you succeed in changing anything you want to [...] 

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