Keeping Youthful

18th Aug 2021
Keeping Youthful

How do we keep youthful? Right clothes? Latest hairstyle? Face-lift? I believe it comes from having the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling life possible, whatever our age, so that our inner environment shows up in our body, face and life. Otherwise, what quality of life do we have, and what are we going to look like and feel like?

Keeping youthful is not something we can expect. We have to work at it. But this doesn't need a big effort. It simply means having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and keeping active.

Take the example of certain communities around the world with records of long life. The common factor in all of them is a fresh diet, no over-eating, plenty of physical activity, fresh air, and a harmonious family and social network. Here are four of these communities:

A rain forest area of Costa Rica has many centenarians. They have lots of stamina possibly resulting from regular work on the land, and growing and collecting their own food. They eat lots of corn, beans and fresh fruit. There is a strong sense of community and family integration between young and old, and connection with their natural surroundings.

Sardinia's centenarians thrive on home-made bread, their own red wine, rich in antioxidants, and their own pecorino cheese, high in omega-3 fatty acids and made with milk from grass-fed cows, plus dark chocolate, also full of antioxidants. Traditionally shepherds, they have plenty of exercise in fresh air and nature.

Loma Linda in California has centenarians and more active elderly people than anywhere else in the USA. Because of their religion they don't consume meat, alcohol or cigarettes. Food is local and fresh, and community spirit is important to them.

Okinawa in Japan has the longest-living people in the world. Their diet is includes seaweed, tofu, vegetables and fish, and they eat until 80% full, a practice called hara hachi bu. A strong community network moai, with respect for older people, and a sense of purpose in life aka ikigai are important. They get plenty of physical exercise in walking, martial arts and gardening. They practise meditation and aim for a yin-yang balance in life.

What about you? As you journey through the years, wouldn't you like to have health, energy and mobility, feel good, look good, and have plenty to get involved in and people to chat with?

Go for it! Whether you're in your teens or your nineties, take matters into your own hands and go for growing older youthfully and healthily. Educate yourself in healthy living and eating. Don't focus on living a long life. That will come anyway!   

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