How To Handle Uncertainty

13th Jan 2022
Canva - Crossroads

Uncertainty is like standing at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go. You get that out-of-control sensation and probably anticipate the worst, whichever route you consider taking. Here are some ideas to help you reduce uncertainty. They may even propel you towards the best path for you in the long run. 

Keep your thoughts in perspective. Don't think the worst, and don't jump to conclusions. 

Find some facts. Find out as much as you can about the matter or situation. Engage someone's help. Is there anything else you could find out? Then accept you've done as much fact-finding as you can. 

Find some certainties. Could there be any certainties in the situation? They can help you feel less troubled. A change of routine may bring a breath of fresh air into a stuck position. 

Consider your reactions to uncertainty. Uncertainty is an unpleasant feeling that can interfere with your daily life. However, be aware that the uncertainty is causing your distress, not necessarily the actual situation. 

Look after yourself. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good about yourself. A positive distraction can help to clear your mind.

Don't withdraw. Don't distance yourself from activities or people. It'll leave you with too much time to focus on your dilemmas. Even though it may feel like more of an effort than a pleasure, they'll take you away from your concerns for a while, and it may give you a fresh perspective on your situation.

Talk to someone about how you feel. Don't isolate yourself. Chat over your feelings with someone, but don't overdo it. The other person may have problems too. If you pay somebody to listen, such as a counsellor, then you can speak as much as you want.

Let it go for a while. If you've done everything you can for the moment, let it go and do something else to stop yourself from dwelling on it.

Could something positive come from this in the end? Although uncertainty is unsettling, it sometimes creates new opportunities and a new way of thinking. Moreover, being forced into a different situation often helps people develop new skills, rethink their old ways, and move ahead, even overcoming old problems that previously seemed impossible.

Every situation has to end. You'll decide eventually, and it could all turn out well. Say to yourself a few times each day: This too will pass, as it will. You can use this to get you through the worst of an uncertain situation.

Let me know how you get on.

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