Start Your Day Feeling In Control Of Your Life

11th Nov 2020
Start Your Day Feeling In Control Of Your Life

Are you glued to the news, waiting to hear what else is going to impact your life?  Between juggling work, trying to make ends meet, feeling you are going crazy, and working out how to keep yourself and others safe, there's something important you need to focus on - YOU. If you don't, you'll never feel in control.

The key is to create order to your early morning schedule.

These 9 mini-steps will help you start your day feeling in control, finishing with a sense of achievement, and feeling good about yourself. Try them every day for a week (you do most of them anyway, but instead of thinking about problems, challenges, dilemmas, to-do lists and such, you will be thinking only about YOU).

How to fit it all in? Make time - get up earlier!

If you have children and pets to see to, then get up even earlier. It's only for one week, but beware! You may get hooked on the good feelings you get and want to do it forever.

Step 1 - Wake-up Movement

You're in bed. You've just woken up. Give yourself a few moments to come to, then stretch every part of your body to wake it up. This gets the blood flowing well through the body, nourishing every part of it.

Step 2 - Cleanse internal organs and skin

Into the kitchen to pour a little fresh lemon juice into a glass and top it up with warm water (all prepared the night before). Sip it while you're getting ready. This flushes toxins through the body into the kidneys for elimination. This is an internal body and skin cleanse.

Step 3 - Take a shower

Some people have given up washing since being Covid house-bound. A shower sloughs off dead skin cells, and the healthy air ions produced by moving water, boost serotonin (our feel-good hormones). This is a whole body tonic.

Step 4 - Move your body

Spend five minutes arm waving and circling, knee bending and foot stepping. This keeps your muscles and joints flexible and gives you a buzz of energy.

Step 5 - Tidy your bed and room

Tidiness and orderliness helps boost clarity to your thoughts and decisions.

Step 6 - Tidy yourself

Make yourself look presentable, even if you are staying indoors and not seeing anybody. This boosts your self-esteem.

Step 7 - Nourish yourself - Your gut is your second brain (research it)

Make breakfast, sit down, and take time to chew it. Think about what is in your mouth, where it came from (the country or area, not the fridge or cupboard) and enjoy the taste. Don't grab, gulp and rush off with the start of indigestion. This creates a calm digestive system. Your gut is your second brain. Malnourished, junk-fed, clogged-up brain cells  is a recipe for ill health and depression.

Step 8 - Clear away

Clear your breakfast things and create order in the kitchen. Tidy surroundings help you feel in control.

Step 9 - Breathe and Greet

Take three deep breaths, preferably near to an open window, and greet the day, exercised, nourished, looking good, motivated, and feeling in control.

All this won't get rid of your challenges or difficulties, but a morning routine like this will give you a positive start to your day and help you to feel good about yourself and more in control. It may even make your challenges have less of an impact on you.

Try it. Let me know how you feel.

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