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Lemon Water for Health

Self-Care in Today's Hectic World

1st Nov 2023

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stressed in this fast-paced world? If so, then taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Self-care is about carving out time and space to prioritise your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The aim is to recharge and rejuvenate yourself, so you can better handle the challenges that come your way.

Canva. Depressed Man

How To Keep Positive Around Negative People

5th May 2023

Everybody feels negative at times, and of course you want to help, because that's who you are. But a person's negativity can be overwhelming, energy-draining and contagious. Helping others is a wonderful quality in you. But do protect your own energy...

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The Inside Of Your Car Affects You

25th Apr 2023

What’s the feng shui energy (chi) like inside your car? Healthy, uplifting, cheery, giving you a sense of wellbeing? Or unhealthy, stuck, stale, draining, just awful. How about giving these five tips a go? A chi-change can often be life-changing.

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Do You Know What You're Eating?

10th Mar 2023

Carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre are all essential for health, but they can't nourish us if we don't actually eat or drink them. Meal-skipping is common, but if we don't eat, we can't obtain the nutrients we need. Many people don't eat breakfast, so they start the day with a total lack of nourishment.

How to stop feeling isolated

How To Stop Feeling Isolated

31st Jan 2022

Self-care is essential these days. It helps us cope with many challenges we face.  One important aspect of caring for ourselves is communicating with others. When we’re cut off from others, we lose out on humanity, togetherness, kindness, support, companionship and more. 

Canva - Crossroads

How To Handle Uncertainty

13th Jan 2022

Uncertainty is like standing at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go. You get that out-of-control sensation and probably anticipate the worst, whichever route you consider taking. Here are some ideas to help you reduce uncertainty. 

Harness Happiness

How To Harness Happiness

13th Oct 2021

Happiness is achievable for everybody. To one person it may be a calm digestive system. To another it's switching off from the daily rush. Whatever your version of happiness, you can achieve it. 

The Sugar Saga

Sugar Can Harm Your Health

30th Aug 2021

Consuming sugar can create a quick rise in energy and mood, but a sharp slump also follows. We then crave more sugar, especially in high-fat foods, and the cycle continues. Our blood absorbs sugar quickly, increasing our blood sugar level and making our pancreas over-produce the hormone insulin to deal with it. It can lead to insulin resistance which is harmful to our body.

How To Say No

How To Say No

25th Aug 2021

Saying No is not easy for many reasons. Will you offend or annoy the other person? Will they dislike you? Will they  complain about you behind your back? Do you know that most people will consider you favourably if you stand up for yourself 

Keeping Youthful

Keeping Youthful

18th Aug 2021

How do we keep youthful? Right clothes? Latest hairstyle? Face-lift? It comes from a healthy, happy and fulfilling life,  whatever our age, so that our inner feelings shows up in our body, face and life. 

Tired All The Time

Tired All The Time

13th Aug 2021

Do you feel exhausted, weary, lacking energy, and not functioning at your best? You could be suffering from TATT - tired all the time.  It can cause issues such as tension, headaches, aches and pain, digestive disturbances, lack of concentration, and sleep problems.

Fresh Air Cure for Cabin-Fever

Fresh Air Cure for Cabin-Fever

31st Jul 2021

We have all suffered cabin-fever these past eighteen months, and it's been awful juggling jobs, commitments, health and finances. At first, keeping indoors during lockdown was a novelty. We no longer had to rush around. Our time was mostly our own. We could have Zoom meetings in our pyjamas. 

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