How To Keep Positive Around Negative People

5th May 2023
Canva. Depressed Man

If you're a sympathiser, you're compassionate towards others but you don't absorb their energy. If you're an empathiser, you can feel what the other person is feeling and identify with them, but this comes with risks.

Everybody feels negative at times, and of course you want to help, because that's who you are. But a person's negativity can be overwhelming, energy-draining and contagious. Helping others is a wonderful quality in you. But do protect your own energy, and only go as far as you can. You can set boundaries and still be the kind person you are.

For 'negative' include selfish, stubborn, sulking, controlling, needy, unassertive, over-assertive, downbeat, disagreeable, pessimistic, fault-finding, everything is doom and gloom, worrying, complaining and more.

Negative energy is toxic and can eventually affect a person's mind, body, emotions and behaviour. Disease thrives on a negative mindset and toxic bodily system, so don't allow yourself to be dragged into another person's negative space. Here are some tips:

1.            Distance yourself from negative people, unless they are really up for being helped.  If people don't want to help themselves, you will never be able to help them.

2.            Don't be manipulated by negative people or get drawn into their world.

3.            Know how and when to say NO. Nobody has a right to infiltrate your life with their negativity. Don't allow the other person to take advantage of you or your offer to help. Set your own boundaries.

4.            Nourish the positivity in your life. Choose situations and people who boost your energy and self-esteem. Be selective about the kind of people you allow access to your personal space and time.

5.            Be grateful. Find the good in your life. There's so much of it around you if you look.

Sometimes your situation may make it impossible to get away from a negative person. In this case, adopt Tips 1-5 above. Also, keep calm and cool, breathe deeply, be kind and caring, then switch off. Protect your personal space by becoming absorbed in your own pleasant distractions - read a good book, arrange flowers in a vase, make cookies, soak in a bubble bath, or whatever makes you feel good.

It's not always easy if the other person is in your face, but do practise these tips, because it gets easier, and eventually you'll do it automatically. Key actions for you - sympathise, help if you can, switch off, indulge yourself.

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