Use Feng Shui To Sell Your Home

30th Mar 2024
Use Feng Shui To Sell Your Home

Selling your home often takes too much time, especially when you have already found your new home and are desperate to move. Here are 7 few feng shui actions you can take to get the energy right for moving and to make your present home more appealing to potential buyers.


1. Don’t neglect your present home. It still needs your love and care. You need to keep the energy positive, balanced and flowing well for you, and healthy, balanced energy will also attract and welcome potential buyers.


2. Declutter. You don’t want clogged-up, stale energy packed into removal boxes and taken to your new home. Decluttering will free-up the energy in your present home, release any old energy, particularly if you want to start a new relationship or job. It will provide more space in which to breathe, and the fresh, healthy, free-flowing energy will be absorbed by you and everyone who visits.


3. Tidy your clutter-action area before anybody visits. A quick way is to cover it up with an attractive cloth and pop nearby an essential oil burner to provide a lovely aroma and to help disperse the old energy.


4.  Re-think anything you no longer like, want or need. Look at every item you own, including your clothes. Ask yourself Do I like it? Do I want it? Do I need it? If you answer NO, do get rid of it. Donate, chuck or sell. It’s liberating!


5. Now for that North West sector of your home. North West is the life area for ‘helpful people’ and ‘travel’. Helpful people can be anybody who can help you move ahead – a friend, family member, boss, bank manager, estate agent, potential buyer. And ‘travel’ can also mean moving towards your new home. Activate North West and you get helpful people and travel energised.


6. Grab a compass and work out where North West is in your home. What is going on there? Clutter? Dark? Inactive? Storage room? Get the energy in your North West sector clean, tidy and active. Let’s assume you have already decluttered and cleaned. Some ideas for activity are a ticking clock (make sure it works all the time), an essential oil diffuser, a lava lamp, flameless candles, even your pet’s basket. In fact, anything that moves will energise an area. You only need one, not lots.


7. And remember the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee or fresh bread, just before a potential buyer visits. Nothing better to encourage a sale!


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