The Inside Of Your Car Affects You

25th Apr 2023
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What’s the feng shui energy (chi) like inside your car? Healthy, uplifting, cheery, giving you a sense of wellbeing? Or unhealthy, stuck, stale, draining, just awful. How about giving these five tips a go? A chi-change can often be life-changing.

Tip 1: Clear your Clutter

The chi around clutter is stuck and stale, like sticky cobwebs. It can stop you from getting things moving, getting ahead, feeling good. It can clog up your mind and body, creating mind-fog and congestive health issues like colds, chest infections, headaches. It can make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

Get a large bin bag to put the clutter in, and a box for carrying things back to where they belong. Then open all the windows and take a drive around the block. Can you feel a buzz of energy and wellbeing?

Tip 2: Clean the windows

Inside and outside, so that chi easily enters through them and flows around the inside of the car. It can’t move well through dirty windows, so the inside of your car will become stale and stuck, affecting you in a similar way – sluggish, not moving ahead in your life, mild congestive health issues or other stuck conditions. It’s also safer for you, if you can see out of the windows!

Tip 3: Open the windows and breathe

Inhale that life-giving chi, full of oxygen and ions that help to clear your lungs of harmful airborne particles such as bacteria, viruses, odours, dust and mould spores. The small interior of a car is quickly robbed of its vital energy. If the car is new, it may also be full of chemical pollutants which leach from the new fabric and workings of the car.

Do you ever arrive at your destination feeling lethargic, out of sorts, low or lifeless? You need fresh air! Roll down your car windows whenever you can and grab that cleansing, invigorating chi.

Tip 4: Re-visit what’s in your car

Points and sharp edges of objects aim an angry, disturbing type of chi at you. An object swinging around as you drive chops the chi around instead of keeping it free-flowing and balanced. It also distracts you from concentrating on the road and your driving.

If you must have a car mascot, don’t have a snake, tiger, or other ferocious animal. Think about what it represents – cunning, menacing, unnerving, fierce chi. Do you want this type of chi in your car with you? Try a gentle dog or bird, and sense the difference in the energy around you. You’ll feel more peaceful.

Tip 5: Parking

Your car can aim good or bad energy at your home.

Don’t park your car facing your home. As the car turns towards your home, it directs sha chi towards it from the bonnet and the headlights, particularly potent when aimed at your front door. Sha chi is an attacking type of chi and can create discomfort for the occupants as it moves through the home via the front door.

Back into your driveway if possible and park the car facing away from your home to avoid the sha and so that you are not in the line of attack when you, personally, exit your front door. This will keep your mood positive and upbeat.

You have nothing to lose by having a go at these five important tips, but so much to gain. Let me know how you get on.

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