How To Stop Feeling Isolated

31st Jan 2022
How to stop feeling isolated

Self-care is essential these days. It helps us cope with the many challenges we have to face.  One important aspect of caring for ourselves is communicating with others. When we’re cut off from others, we lose out on humanity, togetherness, kindness, support, companionship and more. And it’s easy to sink into withdrawal, depression, lack of motivation, apathy and complete lack of fulfilment.

Lockdown forced us into isolation from others. Over time it made some people insular, not wanting to bother or make an effort. It may now feel uncomfortable interacting with others, forgetting words or how to string a sentence together, or not knowing what to say. Communicating may have become a struggle.

The problem is not us as individuals. Everybody has suffered this awful pandemic isolation, perhaps working from home, living alone, prevented from being with loved ones or friends. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by it.

Take heart! You can begin to feel better, not so alone, regain self-confidence and feel that life is not quite so bleak. All it needs is a little courage, determination and some effort, however awful you feel. Once you’ve taken that first step, the next is easier, and the one after that even easier.

The key is to make sure you’re not alone all day. I don’t mean the physical presence of somebody else but be involved with somebody or something every day. Think about what you could do to enable this. Here are some ideas.

Talk to someone every day on the phone, walk around the block and greet somebody, join a yoga class online, follow a cookery teach-in on the television, join a library and chat with the librarian, offer to visit somebody lonely, connect with important people in your life regularly, perhaps a phone call or video chat. And what else? There are virtual book clubs, audio books, museum tours, bingo, coffee and happy-hour gatherings, discussion groups and more over Zoom and other outlets.

Don’t be locked away alone all day every day, as this is not conducive to feelings of support and companionship. Here’s your first important step: Have a chat with yourself over a cup of tea, about what you’re going to do, make a list, then go for it!

Let me know how you get on.

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