Sleep Well With Feng Shui

18th Oct 2019
Sleep Well with Feng Shui

Good feng shui in the bedroom is essential 

We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so it needs to be peaceful, calming, relaxing, balanced and free from objects that emit harmful vibes.

So often we take our work, problems and electronic devices to bed with us. Nothing better than feeling the comfort of our bed while working away and sorting out our problems.

But, as well as keeping our minds active when they should be winding down, we also subject ourselves to the harmful blue light of our phones, computers and televisions. Add to this the electro-buzzing around the bedroom from the electric blanket, digital clock, phone charger, hidden or exposed wires and cables, and possibly an outside telegraph pole or pylon and their cables. If you also have a metal-framed bed, this helps to conduct electro-stress around the bed and you. A mega recipe for poor-quality sleep and impaired health.

Does it matter if you don’t sleep well? From a health perspective, apart from making you feel lethargic and grumpy, it negatively impacts every part of your body. The trillions of cells that make up the body need rest for refreshing, reviving, rejuvenating and reproducing more healthy cells.

Try this. If you sleep badly, have a week or two of leaving your work and your electronic devices in another room overnight. Remove whatever you can do without or replace, such as a non-digital clock, a couple of hot water bottles instead of the electric blanket. Then put some of these feng shui remedies into action.

This is the priority. You absorb the energy that surrounds you. Clutter energy is chaotic, clogged, stuck and stale. You wake up with it and go to bed with it. Declutter and feel your mind and any bodily congestion clearing.

Points and edges
Cover anything pointed or sharp which aims at you while in bed. These can be corners and edges of furniture or sharp-looking ornaments. A strategically-placed scarf or two will do the trick.

Position your bed
– Place the head of your bed against a wall – supportive and empowering.
– Ensure that it does not sit between the door and window – draughty rush of chi.
– The foot of the bed must not be directly in line with the door – on the way out.
– Command position is perfect – able to see the door and window.

– Ensure that your headboard isn’t shaped like a tombstone.
– A light, fabric wall-hanging or some attractive cushions can create a ‘headboard.’

– Balance on either side of the bed if possible – two bedside tables, two lamps.

– Not above the bed head – downward pressure on you.
– An inspiring picture in front or to the side – an uplifting, positive start to your day.

Gentle lighting
– Dimmer switches are good for this.

No water or plants
– Too yang and active for a bedroom. No water picture either.

Pale yin colours
– Vibrant colours keep the energy yang. Yin is for peaceful sleep.

Looking for a partner?
– Make sure you leave a space and a couple of empty hangars in the wardrobe, plus a couple of spare cosy bath towels.

Family photos
– NO! Unless you want your family to take over your life. Who wants their family in their bedroom all night? Pics of you only, or you and your partner, or a picture of a pair of birds.

There is much more but doing all the above will start you on the right track for a night of peaceful, blissful sleep.

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