Stress-Creating Stimulants

2nd Sep 2019
Stress-creating stimulants

When you're stressed, do you head for alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and refined carbs like pastries?

They can create an immediate high, because they shoot a fix of sugar into your blood stream, giving you a sense of happiness and comfort - but they are followed by an energy and mood slump later on which can make you want more.

They are mostly non-foods. They don't nourish your body, and over-dosing on them creates havoc with your blood sugar. They can cause mood swings, food cravings, weight gain, nervousness, fatigue, anxiety and depression. They really are bad news for creating even more stress. So it's worth trying to reduce or avoid them.

Ideally, we should not eat when we're stressed because our bodily system is screwed up and certainly not in the right condition for digesting food efficiently. So what can we do when we're really stressed and we have to eat to live?

So, as difficult as it may be at the height of your stress, persevere with these tips and feel the difference in your health, mood and well-being.

  • Try to be calm when you eat.
  • Don't eat on the run or do desktop eating.
  • Make time to eat.
  • Sit upright so the stomach has space.
  • Be mindful of your food - look at it, appreciate it, taste it.
  • Try to reduce or avoid stimulants.
  • Chew really well, as this helps to relieve stress-related digestive issues.
    (see my other blogs for the low-down on chewing)
  • And choose healthy, nutrient-packed foods. We all know what they are.
  • Think about it, take a deep breath, then go for it!

Let me know if it helps.

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