Chakra Awareness For Overall Wellbeing

12th Jun 2017
Chakra Awareness

Awareness of how each chakra impacts your mental and emotional health can bring an empowering sense that you have the ability to create your own joy, wellbeing and contentment, while also boosting your immune system and the health of your physical body. By working on the mental and emotional element of each chakra you can restore mental and emotional balance and perspective which, in turn, will help to create whole body health.

If your body is out of balance, it can lead to physical sickness, which can create emotional challenges such as stress, tension, worry, fear, despair and more. But your physical ill health or dis-ease (meaning your body being not-at-ease) can also be a manifestation of something not being right in your thoughts and feelings.

During your chakra balancing, be aware that each chakra is absorbing positive life-force energy and directing it to the areas of your mind and emotions that need it. At the same time, the positive energy is flowing more strongly to the parts of your body that are linked to those mental and emotional challenges you are facing, to enable you to heal your body, or to protect it from becoming affected.

Here are the mental and emotional negatives and positives of each chakra to help you along:

7th - Crown Chakra - top of head
Significance: awareness, self-knowledge, wisdom
Negative: depressed, confused, uninspired
Positive: having inspiration, trust, faith, knowing oneself

6th - Third Chakra - between the eyebrows
Significance: understanding, insight, intuition, wisdom, self-reflection, experience
Negative: fearful of the unknown, insecure, tense, lacking concentration, emotional denial, jealous, bad dreams
Positive: intuitive, wise, insightful, imaginative, concentration, intelligence, reason - a wonderful balance of left and right brain function

5th - Throat Chakra - front and back of throat
Significance: self-expression, communication, articulation
Negative: depressed, ignorant, lack of discernment and discretion, fear of speaking out
Positive: creative verbal self-expression, knowledge and truth, kind and gentle

4th - Heart Chakra - in the heart
Significance: love, all emotions, affection
Negative: unable to give or receive love, jealous, lonely, emotionally stressed, hateful, shy
Positive: loving unconditionally, able to give and receive love, compassionate, caring, tender, open, accepting, peaceful, harmonious, empathic, content

3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra - just above the navel
Significance: personal power, freedom, emotion, ego, connection to others
Negative: stressed, angry, hating, fearful, no confidence, poor self-esteem, weak-willed, emotionally hurt
Positive: positive emotional energy, personal mastery, sense of belonging, will power, self-confidence, sense of personal success, warmth towards others

2nd - Sacral Chakra - hand width below navel
Significance:   sensing of emotions and creative urges, deep feelings, physical vitality, pleasure, love
Negative: confused, intolerant, lack of understanding towards others, jealous, depressed, aimless, feeling no purpose or meaning
Positive: happy, sense of pleasure, purposeful, togetherness with others, understanding of others

1st - Root Chakra - base of spine
Significance: stability, security, vitality, identity, self-preservation, support
Negative: insecure, impatient, angry, greedy, self-centred, cowardly
Positive: stable, secure, successful, trusting, feeling supported, strong survival instinct

Even if you have no particular issues or challenges right now, chakra awareness and chakra balancing can keep you positive, joyful and healthy. Taking 15 minutes, three times a week to balance your chakras is all that’s needed to feel the benefits.

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