Change Your Diet, Boost Your Health

24th Jan 2017
Change Your Diet, Boost Your Health

Most of us know when our diet is not right, by our poor gut performance, low energy, stress levels, and the condition of our skin. A poor diet stresses the body and forces it into a balancing act which leaves it functioning in a limited capacity. But with the right diet you can improve your health and looks, relieve your stress, boost your immune system and cure digestive problems.

Health starts at cell level. Trillions of body cells make up every part of our body, and each cell needs nutritious food, pure water, plenty of oxygen and efficient waste removal. A healthy diet ensures that each cell functions properly, whereas a poor diet creates toxic overload. It leads to cell stress and degeneration, and it only takes one sick cell to start dividing and spreading its sickness throughout the body, as with cancer.Sura.Digestive System

Many people accept poor health because they feel that changing their diet or lifestyle is difficult or inconvenient. But good food is the simplest treatment for poor health. 

A good diet is varied, quality food, fresh vegetables of each type, a selection of fruits, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Adequate water and plant fibre will keep the intestines and bowel healthy. Quality vitamins and minerals abound in good-quality foods, but there's nothing like Vitamins B and C, magnesium and zinc to support the adrenals and reduce stress.

Reducing stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugar, keep blood sugar levels stable and boost nutrient absorption by the body.

Processed foods overdose the body with calories, fat, salt, sugar and possibly extra weight. They can also lead to cycles of binge-eating, starvation, malnutrition, mood swings and energy highs and lows.

How to eat foods is important. Make time to plan, prepare, and eat in a calm environment. Eat regular meals to keep blood sugar levels stable, boost energy, improve mental efficiency and de-stress the body.

The result will be a calm digestive system, clear mind, emotional balance, improved health, and a feeling of well-being.


So, learn what's in the foods you eat, which ones makes you feel good and those that make you feel horrible. Then make informed choices and go for the best of nutrition and the best of health.

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