Declutter Your Website

12th Feb 2017
Declutter Your Website

We all want to drive visitors to our website, but is the website appealing enough for them to stay around and explore? Is our content interesting or engaging enough, or is there just too much of it, or too much waffle?

If you’re lacking visitors, or they visit but don’t convert, and bounce rates are high, it could be time for a website declutter.

Think about the website like your home. You clean up for your visitors. You make them feel comfortable and interested in you and your home. You don’t bombard them with loud music or flashing lights, or shove a random leaflet in their faces while they are busy browsing your books. You make it easy for them to navigate your home, without going into the wrong room, and you don’t keep plying them with so much information that they end up bored and falling asleep on your sofa.

We had a go at spring-cleaning our website. We reduced our pages by a third, turned lengthy information into short blogs, re-designed a few pages, checked our links and generally gave it a face-lift. The result has been astounding. More visitors browsing, more enquiries and orders, and we have that sense of freedom and energy that always comes after a session of de-cluttering.

Whether you are having a go at the home, a room, a handbag, the food cupboard or your computer, de-cluttering is always energising. Have a go and see what happens! Let me know how you get on.

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