Heal Your Energy, Heal Yourself

12th Jun 2017
Heal Your Energy


There are many simple ways to give yourself a daily fix of life-giving energy, to keep your health and wellbeing in tip-top condition. Life-force energy is always flowing around you. It moves through the earth, the atmosphere, nature, and around and through everything that exists. You take in this energy all the time, by day and by night. It is this energy that maintains your life and your health. You can use it or abuse it. And you can absorb a larger amount of it, to give a tremendous boost to your wellbeing.

Here are a few tips:

Eat your energy
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in season. They contain many vital vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. What destroys the nutrient content of non-seasonal foods is picking them when they are not yet ripe, transporting them long distances, and spraying them with chemicals to stop them from ripening during travel, and to make them ripen when they hit our markets. Apart from lacking nutrients, they give us a shot of harmful chemicals with each bite.  So eat seasonal, get a notepad and pen and write down as many recipes as you can with them, or just eat them fresh. You will be amazed at the difference in taste, and the boost to your wellbeing.

Breathe your energy

Take a walk outside to get an extra intake of oxygen, and breathe in the healing energy of nature or the therapeutic aromas of seaweed along the coast. Walk out after a rain storm to absorb the healthy negative air ions which clear away stuck energy within you and boost your vitality. Do some alternate nostril breathing to tone up and re-balance your inner energy meridians.

Calm your energy
Sit comfortably or lie down (try not to fall asleep), close your eyes and be aware of your breathing, in and out. Don't think of anything else for two minutes. Each time your mind wanders, bring yourself back to your breathing. Listen to it, feel it, make each breath longer or shorter, play with it. Afterwards, notice how calm you have become. You have also just done a mini-meditation.

Revitalise your energy
Step up and down on the spot, walk around the house, skip, stretch, do anything to move your body and get yourself breathing more strongly. Your body is designed with bones, joints and muscles that need to move. Ten minutes body-moving every day before breakfast will give you more zest for the day.

The most motivating and empowering thought is that it is entirely up to you what you do with your energy. Have a go at being your energy's best friend, and notice how much healthier and happier you feel! 

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