How To Keep Youthful

29th Apr 2017

Whatever your age or state of health: 

1. Eat & drink healthily
Eat nutrient-rich food. Avoid chemicalised, non-food. Eat regular meals. Have healthy snacks. Chew well. Eat only until 80% full. Drink water. All this will keep your digestive system working well. Digestive health = whole body health.

2. Be optimistic
Don't dwell on things that lower your spirits. Be flexible and accept change.

3. Move your body
This tones up all body parts and keeps your musculo-skeletal system flexible. It energises the mind and body. It keeps the lungs working properly. It keeps the blood flowing well. It aids digestion and detoxification. It nourishes the whole body with oxygen, energy and vitality and gets rid of waste more effectively. Ideas? Walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, pilates.

4. Keep your brain fit
Keep reading, sorting things out, memorising, concentrating, doing crosswords, having opinions and anything else which exercises your mind. Ideas? Books, magazines, crosswords, puzzles, debates, research, learn something new, explore, be adventurous, accept challenges and new experiences.

5. Indulge Yourself
Pamper yourself, indulge yourself, care for yourself, do whatever it takes to make yourself and your body feel great. Ideas? massage, facial, hair do, holiday, outing, theatre, concert, listening to favourite music.

6. Have a purpose in life
Everybody has a unique ability, quality or talent to enjoy and develop. Have a variety of activities. Be interested in what is going on around you.

7. Socialise
Spend time with other people. Keep in touch with family and friends. Keep making new friends.

8. Have a sense of humour
Be playful, laugh and be spontaneous.

9. Cultivate inner peace and serenity
Take time out to relax, meditate, listen to music, enjoy nature and more.

10. Keep disciplined and organised
Organise your days to include activity, relaxation, healthy eating, socialising and everything else you want to do.

11. Lead a simple lifestyle
Don't allow complications. Keep things simple. Clearing your clutter will help.

12. Live in the present
The past has gone. The future depends on your thoughts and actions right now. So focus on the present and make every moment count.

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