Chakra Calm For Night-Time Worries

17th May 2016
Night worries

Many people wake in the middle of night, worrying, especially when going through challenging times. It's always worse around 3-4am when blood sugar levels are low.

When it happens, try going through your chakras. It takes only a few moments. It can calm any agitation, distract from horrible thoughts and give you a sense that you can cope with anything.

Concentrate on each chakra in turn, imagining its colour and saying the meaning of each one:

Root                     I am (physical)
Sacral                   I can
Solar Plexus        I feel
Heart                    I love
Throat                  I speak and hear
Third Eye             I see and know
Crown                  I am (divine)

You may not remember the 'I am' or 'can' or 'see', so think of each chakra colour in turn. Imagine a coloured object, otherwise your mind may wander off. This is where fruits and vegetables are useful.

Root Chakra:      Red tomato
Sacral Chakra:    Orange
Solar Plexus:       Lemon
Heart Chakra:     Green pepper
zzzzzzzzzzzzz:      You will probably have fallen asleep by now. 

It really works. Do try it. If you manage to get further, do tell me what fruit and veg you chose.  The Crown chakra colour is challenging - a cauliflower perhaps?

We'll be talking a lot more about chakras at the Om Yoga Show in London in October. Come and find us, and let us know what vegetable you chose for your crown chakra.

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