Listen To Your Body's Messages

29th Mar 2016

Charlie wasn't listening to any messages from his body. He'd had a hip replacement, which was a tremendous success. Two years later his lower back started paining. He had trouble sitting, and difficulty getting out of a chair, but it didn't hurt when he walked. 

He feared the worst. He was sure his hip had dislocated and was causing his back pain. He also felt his back was degenerating, and his other hip was deteriorating. He didn't dare exercise, so he sat around and got worse.

An x-ray revealed that his hip was in perfect condition and there was very slight disc degeneration in his lower back, but normal for his age. Charlie continued to worry. His back got even worse.

I suggested that he listen to what his body was telling him. Did his back hurt when he walked? No. 'So move your body and get walking' I said. After a week of regular walking, Charlie's back began to ease. Months later he was pain-free. Walking also toned up his body and mind, boosted his morale and he started sleeping better at night.

If we listen more to our bodies, we can possibly improve our health.

Copyright © 2016 Brenda Martin

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