Creating Success

11th May 2016
Creating Success

Research shows that we have about 45,000 thoughts each day and most of them are negative. That's quite a bad fix that we give ourselves each day.

Most of our thoughts are sub-conscious, meaning that they happen without our awareness. 

Affirming can help to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. What affirming does is to bring our sub-conscious thoughts into our consciousness. When they are in our consciousness, we are aware of them and can then deal with them. If we tell ourselves that our negative thoughts are pulling us down, we can then consciously change them to positive thoughts. 

Here's how it works: Affirming means saying something positive. We can also affirm bad stuff, but there's no point in this if we want to feel good. So, we declare that what we want to be true is most certainly true, right now. 

The theory about affirmations is that our whole experience in our daily life depends on the thoughts that go through our head, so if we inject specific thoughts into our head on a regular basis, we are effectively training our mind to go in the direction we want it to go. 

As an example, instead of thinking 'nothing ever works out for me' you think and say to yourself 'I am a success in everything I do'. Soon you will begin to feel that things really are working out for you after all. You ARE a success. 

Your affirmations become the thoughts that create your reality. Reality here means your experience. Your experience through the affirmation 'I am a success in everything I do' will begin to be success in whatever you do. 

It's really worth a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

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