Keep Your Brain Fit

16th Apr 2016
Brain Health

Just as we need to use our muscles to keep them flexible and toned, our brain also needs regular exercise. If we allow it to stagnate, it will lose its perkiness, effectiveness, memory, concentration, and more. It will be like a battery which is losing its charge.

The nerve cells in our brain decrease as we get older. By age 70 we will have lost about 15% of them, so our brain starts shrinking.

On the positive side, if we keep mentally and physically active, and eat nutrient-rich food, we can increase the dendrites (nerve connections) between our nerve cells, and maintain good brain function. Brain cells can grow as many as one million billion dendrite connections.

This image shows a nerve cell and its dendrites.

With our increasing pace of life, and everything we need to do to keep up, learn about it, do it, be there, read endless documents, keep on top of everything, and keep balanced in the process, we definitely need a healthy brain.

If we all have the power to increase the number of dendrites in our brain, and keep our brain youthful, then why not go for it!

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