Speaking Out

1st Dec 2015
Speaking Out

With all the media outlets, newspapers, phones, tablets and more, it's easy to share opinions and ideas. Great when we can write or type them, because this gives us time to think about what we want to put across, and how best to present it. Speaking out, however, takes courage for many people.

Not being able to speak out, for whatever reason, perhaps scared of making a mistake, or being criticised, or not being allowed to by another person, is incredibly stressful. It makes one feel suppressed, unworthy, sad, and angry.

Speaking out need not be confrontational, aggressive, humiliating, or anything else negative. It can be learnt and carried out calmly, with respect for oneself and respect for the other person. It will be a win-win situation. No competition, just mutual consideration.

If more people were to speak out in a considerate manner, they would feel better about themselves, and good relationships would be created. In the bigger picture of life, there would be less anger and more peace in the world. 

This year will end with us all wishing each other peace and happiness. Let's wish this for ourselves too and do something effective to stop being held back from being peaceful and happy.

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