Make Things Happen With a Vision Board

14th Apr 2024
Make Things Happen With a Vision Board

Apart from being fun creating a vision board, it’s a powerful tool that can help you clarify, focus on, and manifest your goals and aspirations by visualising them. Looking at your vision board daily can motivate you and encourage a positive mindset as you focus on your goals.

What you don’t do is look at your vision board, sigh, and say ‘I’ll never get there’. The idea of the vision board is to cultivate a positive mindset, make your goals seem real and achievable, and feel accountable for taking action towards achieving them.


So, let’s create a vision board.


Gather your materials
Corkboard or poster board.

Magazines, newsapers, any images.

Paper to write on

Scissors, Drawing pins, Glue

Coloured markers or pencils


Define Your Goals
What do you want to achieve? This will guide the images and words you choose for your vision board.


Find inspirational images and words

Look for images and words that represent your goals and aspirations. Cut them out from magazines or print them from the internet.


Fix your images to the board

Fix them in a way that’s visually appealing to you.


Add personal touches

Use coloured markers to write affirmations or notes. Make them unique to your aspirations and dreams.


Display your vision board

Place the vision board in a prominent place where you’ll see it every day.



Visualise your goals as if you have already achieved them.


Update and Reflect
Update your vision board as your goals evolve. Reflect on your progress. Make any adjustments needed.


And once again, no negative sighing, no Buts. Go for it! You can really make this work.


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