Avoid Bad Chi at the Front of your Property

5th May 2024
Avoid Bad Chi at the Front of Your Property

Feng shui horrors were mounting on this new apartment block being built. I passed it daily on my morning walks. I wondered what challenges the building and occupants may face. It was on a corner, next to a roundabout, car bonnets and headlights aiming sha chi at it from all directions. Tall knife-shaped structures decorated the front of the building. Below them was a low wall, with water rushing from underneath the wall down steps into a trough. The direction of the water flow was towards the road. Water symbolises money, and money here was flowing away!

The front of a building is one of the most important areas because healthy chi gathers here, ready to meander gently towards the building. It will enter and flow through the interior, spreading balance, harmony, and wellbeing throughout. If the outside environment of a building is healthy, there is a good chance that the interior of the property will be healthy, too.

This building was under attack from harmful chi produced by cars aiming their bonnets and headlights at it as they moved along the four roads and around the roundabout. The low wall at the front offered no protection from the sha chi. The 'knives' would chop and slice the chi, which would either stagger painfully towards the building or simply collapse around the knives.

The building was finally completed, and the apartments sold. Months later, there were rumours of problems with the building and occupants—financial issues, structural problems, legal disputes, sickness. I heard that the underground garage had flooded, and cars had been destroyed.

The apartment block is still there, some years later, but looking shabby and run-down. The water no longer flows. Stuck or clogged-up financial issues?

CORNER PLOT: This building should not be on a corner. Location in feng shui is a priority. Both sides should be balanced, with the left side (as you stand looking towards the road) slightly higher than the right. A road running along one side of a building renders that side weak. In this case, a road on the apartment's left side reduced the overall strength and fortune of the building. If there is no alternative to building on a corner plot, strengthen the weaker side with a fence, hedge or substantial foliage.

ROUNDABOUT: Cars driving around a roundabout will always aim sha chi at your building, but a front wall, not too high, lined with foliage, will protect the building from any car sha.

WATER: Any water feature must have the water flowing towards a building, bringing healthy finances. Water flowing away will take away your money with it.

SCULPTURES: Always consider the significance of any front garden sculpture or decorative item. What energy does it give off? Four tall knife shapes are vicious and menacing. They are certainly not welcoming. Chi needs to flow gently in, out, and around any sculpture. Moving around something pleasant makes it healthy, especially at the front of a building, where entrance chi affects the whole building and its occupants.

Is it a coincidence that this apartment and its occupants had severe problems? It's feng shui food for thought. Whatever your opinion, always avoid bad chi at the front of your property. 

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