First Easy Step In Clutter Clearing

21st Oct 2018
First Easy Step In Clutter Clearing

Clutter can weigh you down and stop you from moving forward. Everything has an energy field around it, and the energy around clutter is like gluey cobwebs that stick to you as you pass nearby. Clutter can make you feel lethargic and dispiritied, and overwhelmed at the thought of ever being able to do anything about it.

A huge clear-out of items no longer wanted, needed or liked, is the first step. Don't try to organise or re-arrange anything you want to keep until you have disposed of what you no longer want. As you work through the piles, cupboards and drawers, chucking or donating stuff, you will begin to feel more motivated to keep going.

All it needs is a few big first efforts to start clearing things out and soon you'll get that buzz of energy that gives you a sense of freedom and wellbeing. And after a while, it will become addictive, but what a wonderful, liberating addiction!

Clearing clutter will help to:

  • Clear your mind
  • Give you a new perspective on situations
  • Give you more energy
  • Boost your morale and motivation
  • Bring in new ideas
  • Find direction
  • Give you a sense of overall wellbeing

Here's a tip to help you to make time for clutter clearing - write in an hour or so in your diary twice a week for a clutter clearing session, and work the rest of your life around it. Be strict with yourself and keep to it. You will soon begin to look forward to it, as the stuck energy starts shifting and dispersing. Let me know how you get on.

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