Boost Your Body's Natural Healing Process

13th Jul 2017
Boost Your Body's Natural Healing Process

Your body is made up of energy, as well as different parts, organs and processes. The energy flows throughout the whole body, reaching every part of it, while also fuelling your nerves, glands and hormones. The energy flows through the body along pathways called meridians, feeding, rejuvenating and revitalising every part of  it. If the energy flows well, you will enjoy health, energy and wellbeing. If your energy is blocked and not flowing well, you may not feel good.

When your energy is  blocked, it becomes unbalanced and its vibrations become slower and weaker. It creates imbalance in the body, or disease (dis-ease meaning the body being 'not at ease'), and it impacts the whole body, as each body part and organ works in synergy.  If one body organ is not functioning properly, other organs have to work harder. This is why an unhealthy liver can cause intestinal disorders, or respiratory problems can also manifest as skin issues. The whole body is inter-connected. Your hormones can also become unbalanced and affect the wellbeing of your mind and emotions as well as your body.

Your immune system may weaken, and small health problems may start up. If you don't do anything to address the unbalanced energy, other things may start going wrong, so you may begin to feel worse. At some point there may be a serious health issue that forces you to stop and get sorted out. It’s possible that it all started simply by your energy being blocked or unbalanced. 

These can cause blocked energy: stress; rushing around; not enough sleep; bad diet; eating on the run; not relaxing; shallow breathing; clutter; too much to do; negative thinking; too many stimulants like coffee, cigarettes and fizzy drinks; pollution; eating, drinking and breathing chemicals and preservatives; the emotional effects of relationship problems; financial problems; job problems and more.

You can create balanced energy. It may involve re-visiting your living habits and can include healthier eating, more exercise, better sleep, good breathing, relaxation, positive thinking, managing anxiety and worry, clearing clutter, calming through meditation, balancing your chakras and more. These all help to restore balance in the body, and balance creates optimum conditions for the body's own natural healing process to start again. It is always there, but it does need a kick-start sometimes, in order to improve and maintain a good level of health, energy and wellbeing.  

Revitalise, regenerate, rejuvenate. Restoring balance to your energy gives you not only better health and wellbeing, but can promote a different attitude to life, people and situations, which can change the way you react, the way you feel and what you can achieve. Little things improve, then big things, until one day you wake up feeling great. Even though your challenges may still be there, they don’t seem so difficult. In fact some of them may no longer exist. And you will have a buzz of energy and a sense of overall wellbeing.

“Working with chakras makes you look at your life, how you react to things, realise what is making you feel a certain way, what events you are creating in your life yourself and what you can do about it. It gives you belief in yourself and your ability to control every aspect of your life, health, emotions and well-being, knowing you can really heal yourself.”  K.C. Isle of Wight, England (Chakra Balancing)  

"I am starting to feel the effects from the clutter clearing.  When I walk into my home the atmosphere feels lighter, my body weight has stabilised, and my worrying over work matters is lessening. All very positive happenings." K.R. Caroline Springs, Australia 

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