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from your mind - to your body - to your environment
create the life you want!

Feel like making a positive change, but don't know where to begin? Try here.
One small step can be the turning point in your health, life or career 


* improve your health & energy
* simplify your life
* reduce your stress
* move forward in life
* gain new knowledge & skills
* help yourself & others

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Distance-Learning Courses:
To help you make lifestyle changes, reduce stress, improve health & energy, look & feel great

Simple Solutions:
No time to do a course? A handy brochure full of knowledge, techniques & how to apply them

Newsletter, Blog, Articles:
To influence informed choices


"An amazing experience. This course saved my job. HR was amazed with such a big improvement in me that they retained a copy of my certificate and allowed me to move to another position within the company, with their backing. I had a ball with this course because the positivity is so powerful that it does not let you down." Student 1576: C.N. Ontario, Canada (Positive Thinking Course)

explore the six areas below, to find help with

sleep - nutrition - home environment - work environment - clutter clearing - anxiety - stress - anger -
worry - relaxation - positive thinking- assertiveness - self-confidence - self-esteem - holistic healing & more



Get Inspired

positive change
quality health & life


Distance-Learning Courses

reach your potential
achieve your goals



your health is in your diet
get the best from your food


Help with Stress

effective ways to relieve,
reduce & eliminate stress


Colour Healing

restore balance
improve health, energy, mood


Feng Shui

positive energy in you,
your home & your life

"What a great course! It has really opened my eyes to the nutrition world. Our approach to food has changed completely, and I am much more aware of what I buy and eat. I thought we already ate pretty healthily, but it's amazing what else can be done. I pass the word on to my English students at every opportunity" Student 1502: S.E. Czech Republic (Nutrition for Life Course)

from small beginnings come great changes


 Free oil painting with Colour Healing & Meditation courses
Free gifts with other selected courses

"The sense of control gained in facing stressful, negative issues & formulating a plan of action is liberating."
Student 1470: M.L. Virginia, USA (Energy Clearing Course)




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