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  • improve your health & energy

  • simplify your life

  • reduce your stress

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  • gain new knowledge & skills

  • achieve a personal goal

  • create the life you want!

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This month's most popular courses: Girl w computer

Clutter Clearing
Liberating! Energy-booster!
Feng Shui
Change the energy, change your life.
Nutritional Healing
Is your diet nourishing you or making you sick?
Positive Thinking
Constructive ways to change from negative to positive.



Motivation Month!

MotivationIn addition to enjoying some quality time in the sun, learn how to restore your balance and feel good again. £25 off all courses until the end of August.

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Speaker's Corner

Penguins"An amazing experience! This course saved my job. HR was amazed with such a big improvement in me that they kept a copy of my certificate and backed my move to another position within the company. I had a ball with this course because the positivity is so powerful." Student 1576: C.N. Ontario, Canada (Positive Thinking Course)

"A great course! It has really opened my eyes to the nutrition world. Our approach to food has changed completely, and I am much more aware of what I buy and eat. I thought we already ate pretty healthily, but it's amazing what else can be done. I pass the word on to my students at every opportunity" Student 1502: S.E. Czech Republic (Nutrition for Life Course)


Get Inspired

positive change
quality health & life


Distance-Learning Courses

reach your potential
achieve your goals



your health is in your diet
get the best from your food


Stress Less

effective ways to relieve,
reduce & eliminate stress


Colour Healing

restore balance
improve health, energy, mood


Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing

positive energy
in your home, body & life

if something's not working, try another approach
what do you have to lose? what could you gain?

Free Oil Painting with Colour Healing & Meditation courses
Free gifts with other selected

 "The sense of control gained in facing stressful, negative issues & formulating a plan of action is liberating."
Student 1470: M.L. Virginia, USA (Energy Clearing Course)



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