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Feel like making some positive changes but don't know where to begin? Try here.
We provide tools and techniques for a new you.
If you are a therapist or practitioner, use us for CPD.
Whatever your health, age or state of mind, you can feel and look better.

Improve your health & energy, reduce your stress, simplify your life, learn a new skill. 
Create the life you really want!

"From small beginnings come great changes"
Brenda Martin, founder of the Come Alive School of Natural Health & Wellbeing

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Om Yoga Show 2016
We will be at the Om Yoga Show in London,
21-23 October 2016.

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Optimum nutrition & eating habits create digestive calm, a strong immune system, and physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how to make positive changes in your nutrition.


Holistic Stress Management

We provide some of the best techniques to manage, relieve and reduce stress, while boosting health and energy levels, and creating optimism, motivation and peace of mind.


Feng Shui

Your surroundings influence your life. We teach you how to create balance and harmony in your home and workplace, which can improve your wellbeing and change your life for the better.


Online Courses

We make healthy living and personal development achievable and motivating, teaching you how to apply effective skills and techniques. Improve your health and energy, develop a new interest or further your knowledge with our 35 courses in Nutrition, Holistic Stress Management, Feng Shui & Complementary Health. Quality courses, support, feedback and student-tutor dialogue. 



Ill health, stress, and feeling that things are always going wrong, are often the result of a body and mind that are out of balance. Your Coach works with you to restore balance with stress relief, mindfulness, nutrition and lifestyle changes - a complete personally-tailored holistic wellness programme, offering you a fresh perspective, focus, and improved energy, fitness and general health. You will feel better about yourself and more in control of your wellbeing and your life.



One-to-one site and remote consultations in Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing. Offered through Feng Shui Way with the school founder Brenda Martin. She helps you to create a positive change, and improved health and wellbeing, without structural upheaval or major purchases. You work together to create healthy, energised and balanced spaces in your home or workplace.



October Course Promotions:
Anger Management £98 (usually £130) Click here for full details.
Worry Management £98 (usually £130) Click here for full details.
Relaxation £98 (usually £130) Click here for full details.

"Thank you for your help through the course. This is the best distance course I've ever taken." M.T. Zurich, Switzerland (Feng Shui Foundations)

"I returned to school after 45 years and found material and tutorial to be first rate, enough to propel me to a new vocation." Dr.T.X. California, USA (Colour Healing Therapy)

"Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Come Alive. I have started my third course with you and I'm really enjoying it. Tutors and material are excellent and really encouraging. Many thanks." A.E. Wrexham, England (Crystals & Energy Healing / Chakra Balancing / Feng Shui Foundations).



Anger Management £98 (usually £130)
Understand what triggers anger and the harmful effects it has on your body, mind and life. Gain easy and empowering skills to reduce angry feelings and reactions, and improve health, peace of mind, and interpersonal communication and relationships.
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Worry Management £98 (usually £130)
Learn how worrying affects your health. Gain skills and effective strategies to deal with fear, uncertainty, night-time worry and practical problem-solving, as well as boosting your immune system through good breathing, relaxation and healthy eating.
Click here for full details.


Relaxation £98 (usually £130)
Learn about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of relaxing the body and mind. Gain skills in correct breathing and effective relaxation anywhere and at any time, together with maintaining a healthy immune system, blood sugar balance and good food habits. For those of you rushing around, over-working, eating badly, over-doing alcohol, smoking and medication, you need this course!
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Free Oil Painting with Colour courses. Click here.








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