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Come Alive

get your life moving again

Feel like making some positive changes

but don't know where to begin? Try here.


from small beginnings
come great changes

♣ improve your health & energy

♣ simplify your life

♣ reduce your stress

♣ move forward in your life

♣ gain new knowledge & skills

♣ help yourself and others 

Create what you really want.



"The sense of control that one gains in facing stressful, negative issues and formulating a plan of action is liberating."
Student 1470: M.L. Virginia, USA
 (Energy Clearing Course)


One small step can be the turning point
in your health, life or career.

We provide tools and techniques for a new you.

If you are a therapist, use us for CPD.



distance-learning courses 

to change your energy & change your life

Whatever your age, health or state of mind,
you can feel and look better.

You don't need great imagination, writing or computer skills. Our courses are designed to help you, not stress you. Some people have never taken a course before, but often take two or three with us, because they find them liberating and life-changing.

"I returned to school after 45 years and found material and tutorial to be first rate - enough to propel me to a new vocation." Inspired Student

Do the course 
in your own home
at your own pace
with access to your tutor at all times

"My tutor was wonderful. I felt in tune with her immediately and I was so happy with the way she regularly reviewed and promptly returned my efforts so that I might learn further. She is very skilled in communication and her encouragement throughout this course really boosted my confidence. I felt I had met a friend who listened, cared and responded." Another Inspired Student

Our courses are different from others in the market. They encourage personal experience of what you are learning, as a path to ongoing health and well-being, as well as the ability to help others. Although we do not offer counselling, students can address personal challenges and dilemmas as part of our tutor-student dialogue.



♣ personal interest
♣ personal development
♣ professional development

Anger Management
how to reduce it, healthily
Aura & Chakras
get healthy, energised & balanced
Chakra Balancing
health, energy & positivity every day
Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing
revitalise your home, body & life
Colour Healing
use colours for health, energy, mood
Colour Healing Therapy
help yourself & others with colour
Colour Your Life
brighten up your life with colours
Complementary Health Practice
easy steps to your own practice
Crystal Healing
heal your life with crystals & gems
Crystals & Gems in Healing
help yourself & others with crystals
Crystals & Energy Healing
crystal energy for health & wellbeing
Crystals & Energy Therapy
help yourself & others with crystals
Energy Clearing
better health & quality of life
Energy Toning
your whole-body tonic

I Ching
cope better with your challenges
Feng Shui Foundations
change the energy & change your life
Feng Shui Practitioner Skills
make the energy work for you
Feng Shui Practice
practice with confidence & success
create health & peace in your life
Nutrition for Life
your health is in your hands
Nutrition for Stress
eat away your stress
Nutritional Healing
eat right & get well
Positive Thinking
negative to positive in easy steps
from tension to calm & peace
Secrets of Youth
look & feel young, at any age
Sleep Solutions
solve your sleep problems
some guidance along the way
Worry Management
learn how to stop & get ahead in life

Student 1461 (Feng Shui) "Thank you very much for my diploma and all your help throughout the course which I enjoyed very much. This was the best distance course I’ve ever taken." M.T. Zurich, Switzerland

Student 1462 (Colour Healing Therapy) "I believe that Come Alive has a brilliant approach to offering complementary therapy courses. It covers administrative aspects of the course professionally, yet it offers a very holistic approach to the study of holistic subjects themselves! The course and tutors were very professional and the customer service outstanding. For me, the fact Come Alive is not as rigid and ‘academic’ as some other companies was the main attraction, as was the ability to study and submit papers in my own timeframe alongside my current schedule. Many thanks for your continued support and excellent service." S.B. Liverpool, England


Speaker's Corner

let's hear all about it

during difficult times, do something different.
it can change your life.  

When you're worried or feeling low, give something else a go. Re-think and re-do your health and energy. It will make you feel better and movitate you to get your life moving again.

One small step can make an enormous difference. Start with some clutter-clearing. Clutter clogs up your body, mind and home. It can slow you down, and squash your morale and motivation.

Is your nutrition energising you or stressing you? Learn positive thinking and how to reduce worry. Learn how to stop being angry. Change your mood with colour. Chakra balancing tones your body and mind. Meditation helps to reduce stress and get things in perspective. Relax properly. Sleep better.

A journal once reported that, in times of crisis, people can't afford luxuries like feng shui. Luxury? It's essential! It energises your home, you, your life, your relationships, and gets things working again. Why not learn feng shui yourself?

Worry and stress can make you look tired and worn. Learn how to stay youthful in spite of your problems.

This website is about re-vitalising and re-energising your home, body, mind, health and life, about clearing out the old and bringing in the new. What do you have to lose? What could you gain by having a go?

"Very interesting and timely site. I came across it after being inspired by the thought to "come alive" this morning. Clutter is a serious problem at my home and I intend to begin addressing it in a BIG way beginning this weekend. Thanks for the validation and encouragement." Inspired Internet Browser.


Our students and clients are from all over the world. So far:  
Abu Dhabi, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Guernsey, Greece, Holland, India, Ireland, Isle of Wight, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey, USA, Wales

Our students come from many different backgrounds and include retired folk, doctors, lawyers, health workers, interior designers, artists, teachers, therapists, counsellors, military and corporate personnel and more.

Student 1413 (Colour Healing Therapy) "The course proved outstandingly pleasurable. I cannot think of any course in this format that I have enjoyed more. I will recommend your school and curriculum heartily. Many people were surprised to hear of my study, and I have already been able to share my experience. Thank you for this grand opportunity. It has been a great blessing thus far and I will remain grateful to you for this unique and progressive experience." Dr.T.X. California, USA


We are members of:


UK Register of Learning Providers
Reg.Nº 10016357

British Holistic Medical Association

British Institute for Learning & Development

International Wheel of Colour

Feng Shui Society of Great Britain
Course & Tutor Approved

Do come to the Feng Shui Society's Annual Conference in May. 
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