What Goes Around Comes Around

23rd Jun 2015

Joe is always angry, with everything, with life, and with his partner Evie. Although he’s very amusing company and his volatile emotions enhance his stories and jokes, he’s big-time angry, deep-down. It shows on his face, in his words and in his behaviour. Clearly he feels that life is unfair to him, but no-one can find out why, if they even dared to probe! So once again Evie is nursing accident-prone Joe who tripped over the dog and broke some more bones. So did the dog.

There is a strong link between how we feel and what happens to us. The foundation of Come Alive is exactly this. What goes around comes around, and we want ensure that it’s only good stuff that goes out and returns.

Does Joe’s anger have anything to do with the fact that he’s always crashing his car, falling down the stairs, hitting his head and more? Of course! Negativity attracts more negativity. On the other hand positivity attracts more positivity. Haven’t we all had a go at changing our attitude, without realising it, perhaps only because we’re tired of being stuck in our rut, so we make a tiny effort to get out of it. Or perhaps we find that our friends are becoming scarce because they no longer want to be around a miserable person who won’t help himself or herself? With a small attitude change, suddenly things start getting better, people react to us more pleasantly, opportunities arise out of the blue, and we begin to feel better.

That tiny attitude change is all that’s needed to move mountains of despair and lethargy. http://www.come-alive.co.uk/anger_management.html  It’s guaranteed to work. Try it. If it doesn’t work first time, try again!

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