Take More Responsibility For Your Health

29th May 2015

Dee has multiple sclerosis. Her specialist told her not to spend time in the sun, as it's bad for MS. Then the specialist went on holiday. The replacement specialist told Dee to spend lots of time in the sun because it's good for MS. Who was Dee going to believe?  She asked no questions, did no research, and decided finally to believe her regular specialist.

A little knowledge is a bad thing, we're told. So is too much information, misinformation, and conflicting information. What is important is to take more responsibility for our own health. We can learn as much as possible about the workings of our body. We can question directives about our body and health, and we can make informed choices.

Many years ago, on Dee's behalf, I contacted Roger McDougall who had cured himself of MS, got himself out of his wheelchair and eventually was able to run up and down stairs. Amongst other things, he had excluded from his diet foods he was allergic to. He kindly offered to visit Dee, all the way from London. Dee never took up his offer. 'Too difficult to change my diet' she said. Many years on, Dee still has MS, swallows loads of pills every day, extra pills for side effects, pills for the side effects of the side effects, and she suffers many more health issues along with her MS. A change of diet may not have helped Dee. But it may have!

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