Coffee, Chill, Chat

4th Jul 2015
Coffee, Chill, Chat

We don't do enough of this. We all seem to have gone wild in the world - rushing, meeting deadlines, working long hours, multi-tasking, desk-top eating, watching the clock .... Oh for that holiday!

The holiday will help, but it's not the solution. Frequent switch-off every day is what's needed. We're in fight-or-flight alert when we're on the go mentally, physically and emotionally, and those stress chemicals adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine, charging around the body, can begin to create health issues such as high blood pressure.

About the coffee, don't drink lots of it, but when you do indulge, try to focus on it, smell the aroma, taste it, feel the warmth, enjoy the moment. If you don’t do coffee, there are all sorts of wonderful teas, or lovely refreshing water.

About the chill, take a deep breath in, and on the out-breath drop your shoulders. Your whole body will relax.

As for the chat, try to spend time with positive people, and be more aware of positive stuff. It will help you to re-discover a world of beauty out there - nature, nice people, lots to enjoy, which you can't do when you're tearing around with no time to breathe. It will also make you realise there's more to life. So for a few times each day try to remember to Breathe, Relax, Just Be. You will feel so much healthier.

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