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Come Alive School of Natural Health: Distance Learning Courses

Specialised Distance Learning Courses

Practitioner training, self-care, CPD. Motivating courses for sustainable healthy living and zest for life. 1-on-1 specialist guidance and support in Nutrition, Stress Management, Feng Shui, Holistic Wellness.  

Come Alive School of Natural Health: Holistic Wellbeing Consultations

Holistic Well-being 

Unwind, re-balance, relieve stress, improve your diet and lifestyle, re-gain motivation and self-esteem, feel positive and simply feel good. Holistic Wellness, Nutrition, Stress Management.

Come Alive School of Natural Health: Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing Consultations

Consultations in Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing for home and business. Boost your wellbeing, morale, relationships and motivation, with balanced, healthy, energised surroundings that support you and help you move ahead.

I am so grateful that since lockdown began I've changed how I look at life and myself, so I was able to care for myself in these most difficult last few months and, through my own inner peace and strength, provide my loved ones with care, compassion, patience and love. Between grief, stress and events out of my control, I took control of what I could. This has been absolutely the worst of times but I have come through it really well thanks to my new skills and knowledge. Taking care of me has not always been on my radar, but I make a conscious effort now to look after me like I look after others. I am much more aware since completing my courses with Come Alive, and I now practice mindfulness, meditation and mindful breathing. These all help me slow down and notice how I feel and what my hidden emotions are telling me. Mindfulness can be a life-saver and an emotional security blanket.  A.M. Sittingbourne,UK  (Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner / Self-Esteem / Emotional Healing / Colour Healing)

This was an amazing course. With all the courses I've taken with you so far, I'm very impressed with your dedicated work, well thought-out and extremely detailed. I have broadened my knowledge which has had a deep impact on my life. Everybody is stressed due to Covid, and this course will definitely help anybody cope with their stress, emotions and daily life.  C.M. Ontario, Canada (Nutrition for Life / Positive Thinking / Emotional Healing)

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