During the Covid-19 challenges, mental and emotional health courses are 50% off.
And payment options for all other courses are from £45 for the first instalment.

Change to a more positive lifestyle and boost your overall well-being

* increased energy * stronger immune system * fresh perspective
* balanced mind, body and emotions * relief from stress
* training in a new career * continuing professional development
* starting your own business * running a workshop

I help you to make informed choices, work with you, and support you through the process.

"The Covid-19 virus has caused unexpected changes to our day-to-day lives, and it's more important than ever to boost our immune system, self-care and overall well-being. Please know that my thoughts are with you all." Brenda

Come Alive School of Natural Health: Distance Learning Courses

43 Accredited Distance Learning Courses

Motivating, achievable, sustainable healthy living, zest for life, self-care, personal and professional development. Ideal for starting your own practice. Effective skills and techniques. Quality courses with 1-on-1 expert guidance and support in Nutrition, Stress Management, Feng Shui, Holistic Health.  

Come Alive School of Natural Health: Holistic Wellbeing Consultations

Holistic Well-Being Consultations 

To help you unwind, get back in balance, learn easy stress release, improve your diet and lifestyle, re-gain motivation and self-esteem, feel positive and simply feel good. Holistic Wellness, Nutrition, Stress Management.

Come Alive School of Natural Health: Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing Consultations


Consultations in Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing

Feng Shui or Clutter Clearing for home and business. Create a positive change in your well-being, relationships, morale and motivation, with balanced, healthy and energised surroundings that support you and help you to move forward in life.


7 Steps to Whole Health


Designed to help you live your best life.

Easy, manageable, sustainable ways to improve your
everyday well-being, and your zest for life. 

Written by Come Alive School founder Brenda Martin, this book can change the way you feel and the way things turn out for you. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain! Click here to find out more.

"Well done to Brenda Martin for this practical guide to whole health. Her easy steps for daily health improvement come with her own sincere experiences which pertain to so many of us. This is the ultimate wellbeing information we can all follow through, with the author's guidance, to experience good health, positivity and balance in all aspects of life. 'Brenda's Tips' in every chapter offer easy-to-manage steps in our daily lives to achieve our goals. Recommended for everyone wishing to improve their lives." 
-- Angela, Carcavelos, Portugal

7 Steps to Whole Health: Your Guide to Ultimate Wellbeing


Course testimonials:

"I returned to school after 45 years and found material and tutorial to be first rate, enough to propel me to a new vocation."
-- Dr.T.X. California, USA (Colour Therapy)

"Thank you for your help through the course. This is the best distance course I've ever taken." 
-- M.T. Zurich, Switzerland (Positive Thinking)

"Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Come Alive. I have started my third course with you and I'm really enjoying it. Tutors and material are excellent and really encouraging. Many thanks."  
-- A.E. Wrexham, UK (Crystal Healing / Aura & Chakra Healing/Feng Shui)

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