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Crystals interact positively with your body's energy field to help physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Learn how to apply the energy vibrations of crystals and colours to restore balance in the body, mind and emotions, and trigger the body's natural healing process. 

You'll develop your own healing potential, sensitivity in helping others, and in using crystals to encourage a positive attitude and restore harmony in a person’s surroundings and life. 

In this IPHM-accredited course, you'll learn how to develop a successful crystal therapy practice, create a good impression with clients and other professionals, market yourself well, and ensure that clients return to you, with good testimonials about you and your practice. 

Qualification: Diploma in Crystals & Energy Therapy. 
Upon graduation you may join International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as a practitioner. 


"The course helped me to cope. I thought a lot about it before I took the plunge to do it. The coronavirus hadn't happened yet, and when it did, I felt it was indeed a very good time, to keep me stronger and the rest of the family too. They are relying on me for all sorts of support and I'm becoming drained. I'm not just saying this, but my crystals have been used to the maximum, and I don't know how else I would have been able to be so strong, for myself and my family. Your support was so good, and nothing was too much trouble when I needed to ask certain things." J.M. Doncaster, UK

"I have loved every minute of this course and I plan to study further with you. It's been fantastic and informative and it's my first step to starting my own crystal healing business. Thank you." A.M. Devon, UK

Course Content:

Click on the tabs below to view the course content and module breakdown.

  • back to nature
  • crystals in history
  • the mineral kingdom
  • holistic healing
  • subtle energy
  • using crystals
  • vibrational healing
  • the aura and chakras

  • developing intuition
  • choosing crystals
  • cleansing crystals
  • charging crystals
  • dedicating your crystal
  • bonding with your crystal
  • caring for your crystals
  • clear quartz crystal
  • programming crystals

  • chakras and crystals
  • characteristics of the seven chakras
  • balancing the chakras with crystals
  • creating a quiet space in your life
  • the healing power of coloured crystals

  • where to place crystals
  • wearing crystals
  • meditation with crystals
  • crystal essence
  • treating yourself with crystals
  • treating pets and plants
  • your crystal collection
  • crystals for home and office
  • crystals and their qualities

  • using a pendulum
  • crystal divination
  • how crystals heal
  • selecting the right crystals for healing
  • client care
  • using crystals with other healing therapies

  • preparing for crystal healing
  • the four steps to healing:
  • clearing blocked energy
  • balancing and harmonising energy
  • infusing healing energy
  • expanding spiritual awareness

  • continuing the healing process between treatments
  • creating a healing energy field
  • crystal healing placements
  • the body clock
  • your treatment room

working as a practitioner

  • setting your goals
  • creating an impression
  • code of ethics and practice
  • joining professional organisations & support groups
  • continued professional development
  • time management
  • treatment fees
  • accounts
  • insurance
  • marketing yourself & your practice

choosing your workplace

  • home practice
  • domiciliary practice
  • clinic
  • renting a room
  • working with health professionals
  • working in a health spa, sports centre, leisure centre

your treatment room

  • atmosphere, equipment
  • health & safety, first aid, hygiene

your  clients

  • dealing with clients
  • client questionnaires
  • problem areas
  • seeing your clients
  • client questionnaire
  • how to ensure your client returns to you

setting up in business

  • defining your business
  • planning, financing
  • legislation

Ways To Pay

  • Total Price: £296.00
  • Instalment Option: £84 | then 4 x £53 during the course.
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