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in nutrition, stress management, holistic health & wellbeing, feng shui and more

"This was my first course and it was more than I expected. It was so enjoyable that I'm going to enrol on another one. I learnt how to overcome challenges in life and turn them into positive opportunities." 
-- M.A London, England (Aura & Chakras) 


BOOK: 7 STEPS TO WHOLE HEALTH: Your Guide to Ultimate Wellbeing7 Steps 3
by Brenda Martin, founder of the Come Alive School of Natural Health & Wellbeing

"This book is full of practical common-sense advice that will guide you towards a healthier and happier life." 
-- L.C. Lairg, UK 

"I would like to purchase more copies of your amazing book, 7 Steps to Whole Health. My brother and friend saw the book and instantly requested copies."
-- N.G. London 


OIL PAINTINGS for Healing & Mood Pink Burst without cp
For sale, or FREE with any Colour Course

"I bought four of Claire's little paintings. I love them, they are so colourful, imaginative and sit well in many places in my home. I would love to have some more. A clever artist. Your work is beautiful Claire."
-- J.G. Portugal


Effective ways to improve your wellbeing and energy, and feel good about yourselfSimple Solutions Brochures

Neat 6-page brochure, power-packed with information. Emailed to you by pdf or sent by post.

Assertiveness, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence | Easy Stress Relief | Alternate Nostril Breathing |Quality Breathing |Chakra Balancing | Clutter Clearing |Crystal Care | Digestive Health | Just Meditation | Metta Meditation | Mindfulness | Healing with Colour | Practical Problem-Solving | Relaxation​


in Holistic Stress Management, Nutrition & Healthy Living for:

Emotional uplift
A fresh perspective
More energy
Healthier diet and lifestyle
Skills and knowledge to manage your challenges

"lf anyone has the tools to help fix life's ups and downs, it's YOU!" 
-- M.M. South Africa



I analyse how you link to your property, the type of energy affecting you, and how the interior and exterior of the property can be arranged for a healthy and positive energy flow. My aim is to help you resolve problems, work towards goals and achieve a positive outcome.

“Brenda’s approach is gentle and without pressure, with time and freedom to make considered choices. It is an altogether freeing experience.” 
-- M.S. Abingdon, Oxfordshire

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