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For anyone confused about how to use the I Ching, this course is a must.  It works through the complicated methods of consultation and the meanings of each hexagram, presenting everything in easy steps and in modern-day language.  This course will teach you how to access the wisdom and guidance of the I Ching, whether for yourself or to help others.

The I Ching, also called The Book of Changes, originated in China about 5000 years ago and is the foundation of wisdom and philosophy.   Consulted as an oracle, it offers timeless wise advice, personal guidance and inspiration to people in their everyday lives.    It reveals the best way of dealing with any situation in which we find ourselves, helps us to make decisions when we are at a crossroads and points us in the right direction.  It helps us to find balance and harmony in our lives, thus promoting better health, well-being and good fortune. 

Anyone can use the I Ching and gain benefit from it.  It is not an inherited ability, nor a gift.  It can be used by everyone at any time of day or night.  All that is needed is an understanding of what it is all about and how you can make it work for you. 

The course provides 18 hours of CPD.


♣ course content

Lesson 1
what the i ching is all about, energy, the tao, yin and yang, left and right brain function, accessing our unconscious mind

Lesson 2
how the i ching can help us, how to approach the i ching, how to consult the i ching, the eight trigrams, the sixty-four hexagrams, reading the i ching for other people, methods of consulting the i ching, yarrow sticks and i ching coins

Lesson 3
understanding the hexagrams, reading hexagrams and moving lines, the meanings of the hexagrams, how to ask your question, hexagrams 1 - 10

Lesson 4
developing confidence in reading hexagrams, hexagrams 11 - 28

Lesson 5
important points of an i ching reading, hexagrams 29 - 46

Lesson 6
the phenomenon of transference, the aura and chakras, hexagrams 47 - 64, i ching - book of changes, how to become your own expert


♣ qualification

Diploma in I Ching on successful completion of the course and a final test paper.  The final paper is not obligatory, but is fun to do and enhances your knowledge and experience.  


♣ course help

The course has been designed to build up your knowledge surely and confidently.  Ask your Tutor as many questions as you like, because we want you to understand, enjoy, and benefit from the course.  Email Rosemary Spence if you have any questions about this course.


♣ course procedure

For details about course procedures, timing and materials, click here, then scroll down to 'how our courses work'. If you have any questions, do contact us.


♣ free gift 

With this course you will receive a free gift of three I Ching coins in a fabric pouch.


♣ prices

Course by Email: £155
Course by Post: £170

Course by Instalments:
By email:
First payment £59
By post: First payment £74
then 3 payments of £32 during the course.

No extra for paying by instalments.

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I Ching: Course by Email 
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I Ching: Course by Post


I Ching: Course by Post 170.00 Qty
I Ching: Course by Email/Instalments 
I Ching: Course by Email/Instalments: 1st Payment 59.00 Qty
I Ching: Course by Post/Instalments


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Student 0149  "This is really a fascinating course.  I am glad I decided to do it, as it keeps me focused and hopefully going in the right direction."  J.W. Dorset, England

Student 1270 "The download about the I Ching was very helpful.  I will know more about how successful my course was after I have done more client readings, but so far I am very happy."  E.B. Robertsbridge, England

Student 1449 "I enjoyed the course very much. I feel that I have learnt a skill that can benefit me both personally and professionally and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to good use." G.R. Eastleigh, England (also did Feng Shui & Feng Shui Practitioner Skills)

Student 1572 "The course was very simple to understand. Tutor guidance was fantastic. Now I don't have to worry when making decisions or facing a big problem because I know how to use the I Ching. Before taking the course I thought learning how to use the I Ching and understand the interpretations were difficult but during and after doing the course with you I became to think the I Ching is the easiest thing to do in life." S.B. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (also did Aura & Chakras)



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